Chandrachur Singh, who has stayed out of films for a quite some time now, makes a comeback of sorts with three films in 2012. caught up with the actor who is all excited about his forthcoming releases.

Chandrachur Singh makes a comeback of sorts with three films lined up for release in 2012.
Chandrachur Singh makes a comeback of sorts with three films lined up for release in 2012.


Chandrachur why have you stayed out of films for so long?
I guess there was no right opportunity coming my way, I wanted to do good quality cinema. There were some offers but I wanted to do something special and of good quality; I avoided doing work for the sake of it.

What you have been doing all these years?
I did a cameo appearance in Maruti Mera Dost (2009) and I was involved in the screenplay and some other departments of the film as well. I even a sung a song for it. After Maruti Mera Dost, I was offered a film which was to be directed by Samir Karnik; it was interesting script but somehow it didn’t work out. So I was waiting for a good film. Apart from that I spent time with my family and my son.

Why did you choose Chaar Din Ki Chandni for a comeback, what is so special about it?
I believed in Samir Karnik. After Yamla Pagla Deewana he has established himself as a director and to work with… (working with) a talented director is always a great opportunity. Plus Chaar Din Ki Chandni is a comedy and doing comedy is a kind of relief. This film is about situational comedy and I enjoyed doing it.

Any funny incident on the sets you want to share with us?
It was all funny, we were like a happy family, Anupam Kher, Om Puri and all other actors were laughing all the time. We all had a great fun.

Tell us about your role in Chaar Din Ki Chandni, your looks are pretty serious in the film…
I play a prince in the film who is a harmless alcoholic and I just kept moustache as my director (Samir Karnik) wanted me to keep. I play the role of eldest son in the family.

Did you do any special preparations for the role or met any real life prince?
No, I just kept my look natural and in sync with role.

Chandrachur Singh: ‘I had fun working with old friend Mukul Dev and Tusshar, who’s a gentleman.’
Chandrachur Singh: ‘I had fun working with old friend Mukul Dev and Tusshar, who’s a gentleman.’

How was the experience of working with Sushant Singh, Tusshar and Mukul Dev?
It was great fun to work with all of them. Mukul (Dev) and me made debut in the same year (1996); me in Maachis and he in Dastak, we were friends even before. I liked working with Tusshar, he is a gentleman.

You suffered from a shoulder injury which affected your career after your initial success, how is it now?
I went through an operation in my left shoulder some time back but now I am absolutely fine.

Something you want to tell to the audiences about Chaar Din Ki Chandni.
You will have a good laugh and a great time.

What are your future projects?
Apart from Chaar Din Ki Chandni, I have completed shooting for Zilla Ghaziabad which is a dark film. Another film which will release in the later part of the year is The Reluctant Fundamentalist. There is one more untitled film which is about human relationships but it is too early to talk about that.

Tell us something more about The Reluctant Fundamentalist.
It is a film by Mira Nair, based on a book of the same name. Mira Nair is a very fine director. It has a very stellar cast including Shabana Azmi, Om Puri and there is also a Pakistani girl called Nisha. All these three films will release in 2012.

Among these films which film excites you the most?
All the three are very special for me.

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