Sonakshi Sinha in a still from Bullett Raja
Sonakshi Sinha in a still from Bullett Raja

 She has always been the bombaat factor in all the films, whether it’s the iconic dialogue deliveries or the rustic charm that she is endowed with. But Sonakshi has zoomed into the A-league right at the onset of her career. With almost a handful of films releasing every year, Sonakshi is definitely the busiest of the newbies today. “It has been three years that I have been a part of this industry. I never had the intention of joining films as I had always been saying. But after doing Dabangg, I started liking the entire feel. And henceforth, I have been busy shooting films back to back and my mom gets really pissed at me for overworking all the time. But somehow, work keeps me happy. I loved every moment of it that’s why it gave me the zeal to work even more. Shooting, promoting takes up so much of time that I have hardly taken holidays ever since I joined films. I guess I am the only newcomer who has had as many as nine releases in the first three years.”


From Dabangg to Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobaara! and Bullett Raja now, sans Lootera, she has always been playing loud characters, ones that have hardly had anything substantial to offer. Does she ever regret doing more Dabanggs and less Looteras? Up came the rebuttal. “Well, I don’t really think that is the right way to go about the entire thing. Every film is different in its own right and I personally don’t like it when people call me a mere showpiece or an arm candy in the film. I do the so called massy entertainers just because I believe in them. I am one person who would do a film only if I personally would like to watch it in a movie hall. And be it Dabangg or Bullett Raja or Lootera, these are films that I believed in. Coming to substantial roles, yes everyone did appreciate me in Lootera and that would b e one of my most favourite performances because it developed my acting prowess but then again, I would say doing a film like Bullett Raja is more difficult than doing a Lootera. In these films, I need to play a loud character, one that I cannot relate to with my own life. People might feel this has nothing substantial to offer while I beg to differ and say these roles take serious amount of hard work”, she clarifies with conviction.

Playing a Bengali for the second time in Bullett Raja and looking so effortlessly charming, Sonakshi is definitely on a high. “This is the second time I am playing a Bengali girl but this character is way different from Lootera’s Pakhi. My character in Bullett Raja is more traditionally contemporary and somehow the Bengali look really works well on me. People are saying I totally look like a Bengali girl. Very mishti, is what they say (Smiles)”, Sonakshi signs off with that million dollar smile.

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