Jagga Jasoos is a film that Bollywood needed but it is not a film that Bollywood deserves. While traveling in the train I am overhearing many people tagging Jagga Jasoos as Bakwaas, Goo-Gobar (Shitty) and worse than this. This is not the main reason provoking the inner exasperation of me but the box office collections of the film is.

When a bad film does well or when a good film does bad, you feel the same emotion – annoyance. Without going much into the technical details of the film, as it all has been covered in our review, I’ll directly come to my point – why Bollywood does not deserve a film like Jagga Jasoos. Needless to say, there will be spoilers, so read ahead only if you’ve watched the film or you’re planning to not watch it all.

Why Bollywood Does Not Deserve A Film Like Jagga Jasoos
Why Bollywood Does Not Deserve A Film Like Jagga Jasoos

Jagga Jasoos is a musical and this is the first time Bollywood tasted a wine like this – unfortunately, it proved to be bitter for many. Let’s start with comparing few of the mini songs in the movie with the current situations in Bollywood.

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* Humko Usse Kya?
“Hum toh hai Salman ke fans, Humko usse kya?
Our last film was a flop, Humko usse kya?
We have Tiger alive, hum toh hai safe
Humko usse kya?”

* Mujhe Milne
The movie finished with an open ending, leaving behind a hope of a sequel but the collections have sealed its fate even before it could start! I’ll sing this to Anurag Basu and Ranbir Kapoor requesting for a sequel.
Me: “Mujhe milne wapas kab aaoge?”
Anurag: 1 saal, 4 mahine, 6 din baad
Me: “Jhooth bass jhooth”
I wish I could’ve sang Tukka Laga Nishane Pe if the film would’ve worked well at the box office.

* Bad Lucky
With a heavy heart, Anurag Basu and Ranbir Kapoor, after years of hard work lost to bad luck at the box office.
“Kyunki tum dono ho bad lucky”

Garnering the feedback of people since the day it was released, I’ve come to the conclusion that music acted as a roadblock for many to like the film. Anurag Basu could’ve taken a different path skipping the musical session but then it would’ve lost the novelty it has now. Watching it for two times back to back, which I’ve never done with the same film, Jagga is a film that is way ahead of its time and is a cup of tea in a land where everyone loves coffee.

The red circle theory, Ranbir’s relationship with his father, two different detective pieces in the start, sending out a message of peace and ending the movie with a shocker – Bollywood has not seen such brilliance packaged in a single film. Respecting every Bollywood film that has ever been made and even the taste of the audience, Jagga Jasoos deserved better.

Pritam’s music, Amitabh Bhattacharya’s lyrics, Ravi Verman’s cinematography, Anurag Basu’s direction, Ranbir Kapoor – Katrina Kaif and each actor’s performance – Sorry! We as Bollywood have let you down.

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