Bollywood Filmictionary: Khushboo

Khushboo: A term used to describe the pre-release buzz about a film. It is believed that the public has a nose to smell the scent (khushboo) of an upcoming film, based on its songs, cast, promotion and general information about it. It is often said that it is this quality of the paying public, to sense whether a film would be worth the cost of a ticket or not, which could ultimately decide the fate of a film. If the buzz of a big film is not positive among the audience, a filmi person would say, “Film ki khushboo achchhi nahin hai!” Conversely, if there’s a positive talk about a film due for release, a film industry person is apt to say, “Public ko film ki achchhi khushboo aa rahi hai!” This would imply that the audience would patronise the film on the first day, on the strength of its sixth sense.

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