Have you ever wondered what a jump cut means? Or what kind of jargon is used on the sets of a Bollywood film? Well, for your reading pleasure, starting today (May 4th, 2011), Koimoi.com brings you the Filmictionary, where we will break down and explain the most common and confusing terms used by the people in the Bollywood film industry.

Makeup In Bollywood (Zarine Khan)

CHUNA LAGANA: For almost everybody, especially in Bombay, the phrase ‘chuna lagana’ means to make an ass of somebody, or pull a small con through the gift of the gab. In the film industry, however, it means to put on make-up. If the assistant directors are friendly with an artiste, they would most likely tell him, it’s time for chuna lagana when they want him to get into make-up. If a heroine has too much dabbed on her face, the cameraman will probably tell her, ‘bahut chuna lagaya hai, go tone it down’.

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