It’s not good being critical about our Indian film industry, but it’s about calling a spade a spade because that’s when we will be able to grow.


The content disparity in Hollywood and Bollywood movies is reflected even in the award speeches.

Recently, Joaquin Phoenix won the Best Actor award at the Oscars for his unmatchable performance in the movie ‘Joker’. In his award-winning speech, he talked about issues that concern the real world like racism, gender inequality, queer rights, animal rights, etc. Before this, we have also seen Leonardo Decaprio talking about climate change in his Oscar award-winning speech for ‘The Revenant’.

Bollywood award functions require you to propose to your alleged partner to spice-up the conjecture or ask you to perform a hook-step or a martial art stunt. This directly speaks volumes of the content these actors win awards for, which is a structure-less, cliché driven on audiences’ blind devotion to the actors. It’s not that the actors of Bollywood are not as good at their art as compared to Hollywood actors, but when it comes to talking about issues or bringing a positive change through their influence, they are pompous and afraid of reactions.

Bollywood Award Functions – The Window Dressing To A Subpar Content Hub
Bollywood Award Functions – The Window Dressing To A Subpar Content Hub


If we talk about some of the award-winning speeches of Bollywood Actors in recent years, then you will find Alia showing her affection towards Ranbir, Ranveer talking about how his wife is his lucky charm and Ranbir ironically thanking Sanjay Dutt for being Sanjay Dutt. Although, it’s not an actor’s job to talk about issues, and it’s not wrong just being thankful to the people who made them what they are, in their speeches. But seeing the situations that the country and the society are dealing with, it’s a social responsibility of every influential person to use their reach for the betterment of the society they live in.

It’s disheartening to see an industry filled with immensely talented people, giving in to the demands of gossip-oriented media and mass that is obsessed with commercial potboilers.

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