When Karan Johar announced that he would remake his father Yash Johar’s 1990 cult film, Agneepath, there were murmurs that the original Amitabh Bachchan starrer had not done well at the box-office windows. Well, now that the verdict on Hrithik Roshan’s film is out, we digged into our archives to bring you the review of the original Agneepath.

Agneepath (1990) Review

Agneepath Movie Review (Movie Poster)
Agneepath Movie Review

Dharma Productions Pvt. Ltd.’s Agneepath (UA) is one more story of dons at war. A bright son of a Gandhian teacher changes his course of his life when his father is murdered by criminals. To avenge his father’s death and to get back the lost glory of his mother, the son grows up to become an underworld king. He eliminates the other dons, small and big, one by one, and finally loses his own life in the climax. Right from the start, the film is heavy, violent and tension-filled. There are light moments but they are few and far between. While the story is oft-repeated, the screenplay has loose ends. There are also some unjustified scenes, the principal among them being the one in which Amitabh Bachchan faces the bullets of the other dons and has to be rushed to hospital thereafter. Why does he do this? On the plus side, there are some breath-taking scenes like the mud fight culminating in the arrival of Amitabh Bachchan on the scene, the confrontation scene between Amitabh Bachchan and Rohini Hattangadi on the dinner table and the sindoor scene between Amitabh, Vikram Gokhale and his wife.

The opening scene and few thereafter have some emotional as well as class appeal but not of the type which can move the viewers. The long climax is thrilling. But Amitabh’s death is a jolt. The drama lacks the grip so essential for a film like this. Even the cold blooded murders lack excitement.

The biggest undoing of the film is Amitabh Bachchan’s voice

Dialogues are very hard-hitting at places. But the biggest undoing of the film is Amitabh Bachchan’s voice. He has spoken the dialogue in a different voice (inspired by Marlon Brando in Godfather) which will not be accepted by the audience. Further the mixing not being clear, his dialogues are incomprehensible at places.Amitabh Bachchan Agneepath Stills

Amitabh Bachchan looks tired at places but does an excellent job as the underworld don. His mannerisms are superb. Mithun Chakraborty as Krishnan Iyer, M.A., is too lovable. Although even his dialogues are unclear at a couple of places, he is superb in a difficult role and entertains a lot. Madhavi and Neelam have little to do. Danny is effective as the main villain. Goga Kapoor, Deepak Shirke, Sharat Saxena, Avtar Gill, Alok Nath, master Manjunath, Sudhir Pandey, Bob Christo, Monty, Arvind Rathod and Anjan Srivastava support well. Rohini Hattangadi leaves a mark. Vikram Gokhale impresses a great deal. Tinnu Anand also does a fine job; his character and dialogue should click in Maharashtra. Archana Puran Singh is okay.

Director Mukul S. Anand concentrates on takings and relegates the script to the secondary position. He has done a wise thing in making Amitabh dub in a different voice. Music is weak. There is not a single hit tune; Kisko Tha Pata and Alibaba numbers are fair. Song picturisations are routine. Photography is of standard. Locations are picturesque. Production values are grand.

On the whole, painstakingly made and treated Agneepath lacks in content. Experiment of changing Amitabh’s voice will further harm its prospects. However, it may fare in Maharashtara.

Have you seen the original Agneepath? What is your opinion of Karan Johar’s adaptation? Share your views in the comments section below:

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  1. New “AGNEEPATH” good movie , dont compare with old Agneepath there is no iconic AB or the famous dialoguebaazi.The film will not be a major hit as there is little novelty n entertainment.The movie will be remembered more for rishi kapoor’s n sanjay dutt’s villainy .Hrithik is sincere as usual , but his character is very weak n devloped poorly , moreover his eyes n face dont emanate a wickedness which was a must for this manipulative vijay chauhan.Good camerawork , excellent action sequences, songs are speed breakers, amazing but true you dont even remember chikani chameli after the movie ,the dutt menance looms heavily , the film is slow paced n the end is sudden .
    All n all an above average film with decent performances

  2. i have seen both movies and both are good in their own ways. But the strength of original was dialogues of amitabh
    and his display of revenge whereas in the second one
    screen play was better and acting of all three was impresiive

  3. hrithik’s agneepath is mindblowing, fabulous, mesmerizing, … words cant compare. Big b did agood job, hrithik has done a better job. the entire recent agneepath team was terrific. hats off to you kjo n k. malhotara. i hv booked a 2nd ticket for a re-watch tomorrow. cant seem to get enough of it. hrithik’s haters kp hating, the movie is already breaking all box office records whether u like this agneepath version or not, it is not going to stop its success. ha ha ha ha ha.

  4. New Agneepath is miles ahed of old one. Hrithik did an excellent job. Old one was flop because of its leading actor Amitabh’s overacting.

  5. those who thinks these bachche (Shahrukh & Hritick) are better than the Shehshah of Film World Amithabh Bachchan should go and watch these films Don & Agneepath again & again to feel the difference and the height of the performances. No doubt Amitabh Bachchan is really unbeatable in all the ways.

    • He, Amitabh, may be Deshi God in your eyes, but the fact remains that SRK is an International ICON. The most popular Indian ever born. In Don 1 Srk has outclassed Amitabh in all department of Acting. Amitabh, Pran & Zinat Aman’s acting would be a ‘Laughing stock’ for young generation of today if they watch it now. The theatrical style of Dialogue delivery, poor acting, poor technicality, poor dress sence, hair style(specially AB’s hair style) all were ridicules. And with Don 2, SRK has proved that be it in Romantic, or Comedy or Action he excels everywhere & outshines everybody……Rock on SRK…

  6. Original and new Agneepath have one defining diff and tht is AB. AB won national for best acor, Mithun won national for best supporting actor, and one of actresses won national for best supporting actress. Original Agneepath was a class apart. Box office fialure was becausein 90s audience could not digest revenge plot. I doubt if anyone has managed to pull out a larger than life role from new Agneepath, as AB and Mithun did from old one. One liners from original are a cult, in every show people ask AB to recite Agneepath poem. So undoubtly AB played a tribute to his father’s poem by doing unforgettable role. New one will have good earning and box office hit and will be remebered too, here but no one is able to match power pact performances as in the original.

  7. As comparison I missed dialogues and style of Amitabh Bachchan rather style of poem wasn’t good as compared to old. About features Hrithik was very good in movie and his body use was excellent. Sanjay Dutt and Rishi kapur plays superb villain roles that I get started to hate them.

  8. As comparison I missed dialogues and style of Amitabh Bachchan rather style of poem wasn’t good as compared to old. About features Hrithik was very good in movie and his body use was excellent. Sanjay Dutt and Rishi kapur plays superb villain roles that I get started to hate them for a while in movie

  9. Ok after watching the new movie Agneepath, i must say that it was a total waste of karan’s time. the old Amit ji Agneepath was the best and there was no need of a remake. Lets be honest Amit JI is a legend and his performance was the best and all time Krishan iyar, was a role which is still remembered today,

  10. Mithun Danny And all that played a role in the old Agneepath where the best performers of their time.
    Also where Amitabh is concerned NO hrithik or shah rukh can touch hum ka Amit Ji, Watch any movie of Amit ji and u will know that he was a natural performer and a talented actor. Ye saale kal ke bache hum ke Bachan se compete karne ki koshish kar rehe hai. the best should be that no actor should try to remake any of Amit Ji movies. the reason is that the best is already done , so shah rukh and hrithik do your own stuff, but i see u need help 4m Amit ji’s name. that is why u desporado do remakes. SHAME//
    Amithabh Bachan is a true Legend. BK in the 1990 i liked the movie Agneepath and even today that movies of Amit ji is unique. and karan your version is ok like one of movie 2 watch, karan your dad was a legend and his agneepath 2 was a top class movie.
    Long Life AMIT JI….

  11. seen both. new one is ordinary and old one was a master piece. actice wise we know Amitach is far ahead from todays stars. No one exists. although hrithik tried but why to compare with legend.I think those who are comparing him with amitach do not know the meaning of acting. hrithik should be compared with todays star like salman, shahrukh, amir etc. and he is good in that. But Amitach is the best actor ever produced in bollywood alongh with Dilip kumar only. So these two stars are legend and far ahead from all other stars in acting.

  12. I have seen original Agneepath a million times and feel that it’s a film without which my collection of movies is incomplete!! I loved everything about it.. Handsome and dashing Amitabh as always.. The most stylish vilan till date Danny!! And the rest are all good in the movies.
    I dont know why such kind of movies didn’t get appreciation at the times of their release where as in future they become cult or classic cinema to name a few are:
    Meta naam joker
    Andaz apna apna

  13. there is no one like “vijay dinnanath chouhan” in new agneepath, and if we are talking about the character which hritik is played is not more than 1% in comparison with the old agneepath

  14. if we cpmpare the agnipath in new era of technollogy,screenplay. or realistic CARACTERof DON then no one can be compared wth BIG B. INnew AGNIPATH the acting oflold stars like sanju, and rishi da is memorable not the acting of hritik. Don does nt seems so cute.

  15. there cannot be any comparision for The Legend Amitabh Bachchan Agneepath. But meanwhile we can also not ignore what Hrithik has done in the new one. Ya Mr. Amitabh is far apart than our heartthrobe Hrithik but he has done an exellent
    job in this.old was classic but new was very well adjusted marvellous picturisation, screenplay, dialogs,music,characters dressing and superb acting.In all we cannot compare two eras and both stand best on their sides.


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