Aditya Chopra
Aditya Chopra

Late Yash Chopra’s elder son and the head honcho of Yashraj Films, Aditya Chopra turned 43 today. We wish the director, producer a very Happy Birthday.

Aditya, who is a three time National award winner, is a big name in the film industry. The ever shy director, has rarely come up, close and personal with the camera but is always happy being behind it. As he celebrates his birthday today, we put down our wishlist for the director to come true this year!

Check out our wishlist for the Yashraj scion right here:

1) An Exclusive Photoshoot:

It’s been more than a while since we have seen the camera shy director, producer and we would love to catch a glimpse of him. Perhaps the newly married Yashraj head could take a nice family photo shoot of the ‘Chopras’ along with their new bahu Rani Mukerji.

2) An Interview With Arnab Goswami

Well, we hardly know what Aditya Chopra – the personality is. Who better than Arnab Goswami can decode this! An interview between the YRF honcho and the coveted journalist Arnab Goswami would bring a lot of buzz. After all, we want all the gossip about what goes on in that 200 crore club producer’s brain!

3) A Birthday Dinner Bustling With Paparazzi

All of what we know about Aditya Chopra is from people. The social recluse has never come out and interacted with the media. Turning 43 is a good cue for the top producer to shed his non-interactive demeanor and entertain the paparazzi. Symbiotically beneficial for them. A little bit of media interaction has never hurt a soul! *Filmy Kasam* Plus, his love story with Rani is mostly based on speculations. It would be a good time to come out with the real fairy tale. Also, a few wedding pictures will be great for the glossies.

4) An Announcement Of A Film Project With KJo And Shah Rukh Khan

​You know what will a massive association for Bolly freaks? A film directed by Karan Johar, produced by Aditya Chopra, that stars Shah Rukh Khan. Let’s get them a perfect script that will set the box office on fire!

5) To Refer To Some Guide On How To Be A Ideal Husband

After Aditya had a failed first attempt at marriage, this time we want him to be a little vigilant. Now that the director has taken a second chance, just so that he does not repeat the ‘common’ mistakes most men make. He may want to refer to a guide that has all the giveaways on ‘How to be a ideal husband.’

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