Ranveer Singh
Ranveer Singh

Actor Ranveer Singh, who is working in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Ram Leela, says the filmmaker wanted him to look extremely hot in the film and that is why he went shirtless for a song.

“We were shooting a song and was supposed to wear a traditional Gujarati kedia (outfit) and in passing, we were doing some trials and I was putting on kedias and taking them off and he was like ‘You know what, your body is looking amazing. Now let’s just do this song shirtless’,” the 27-year-old said here on Thursday at the unveiling of the cover page of Men’s Health magazine featuring him.

“So, he decided just like that and then we did a section of my introduction song absolutely shirtless,” he added.

Talking about the brief given to him for the film, Ranveer said, “Mr. Bhansali was very clear that he wanted me to be extremely hot. He said ‘Baby, when you come on the screen, I just want girls either to tear your clothes off or their own clothes off’.”

Meanwhile, Ranveer would also be seen mouthing Gujarati abuses in the film and he learnt them all in Gujarat.

“I went to Gujarat, I did some research, picked up the Gujarati language. First thing I wanted to learn were the ‘gaalies’ (abusive words), which are very interesting. I came back in four or five days and I presented it to Mr. Bhansali in a reading and he was like ‘This is fabulous, you must go for it’,” Ranveer said.

“So, yes I am putting myself out there by infusing my own Gujarati flavour in the dialogues, and I hope it has the same impact it had in Band Baaja Baaraat,” he added.

Ram Leela also stars Deepika Padukone.

For now, Ranveer is now looking forward to the release of Lootera. Besides this, the shooting of his next, Gunday starts Friday.

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