Hichki marks Rani Mukerji’s comeback to acting after a gap of 4 long years. Marriage and motherhood took priority for her during those years and it took a beautiful, heart-touching story from director Siddharth P. Malhotra for Rani to return to her first love – acting. Rani has scripted a dream comeback of sorts with Hichki getting the thumbs up from critics and audiences alike as it registered 3.30 crore on day one!

An overwhelmed Rani says, “All my life, I have tried to entertain, tried to spread love and happiness to my fans and audiences through my films. Their happiness made me happy, motivated me. Yesterday, I felt the same emotions that I had faced when my first film released. I was nervous. I was jittery. My first love is acting. Nothing gives me as much joy than being on the set of my film. I chose marriage when I wanted to. I chose motherhood and I chose to prioritize these for four years before I again chose to return to my passion wanting to feel the rush of challenging myself with a truly remarkable role.”


She adds, “Yesterday morning when the first show of Hichki started, it felt like I was sitting for a do or die test that I had to pass not just for myself but for all my fellow lovely, outstandingly talented actresses who dream to follow their passion post their marriage, or even after becoming a mother. I did draw courage from the success stories of the outstanding artists who decided to settle down and then returned with great comebacks but deep down I was nervous that if I fail, I would be forever succumbing to the archaic stereotypes, to the same hichkis that have been prevalent for so many years.”

Rani further adds, “With the incredible love that audiences have showered on Hichki and on me, they have proven that for them good cinema and good performance is the only thing that matters – not marital status, not parenthood. They have made me incredibly emotional. Audiences have celebrated working mothers today and I will be forever thankful to them. I’m grateful to my director Siddharth P. Malhotra and my producer Maneesh Sharma for giving me a project that will forever be the most special film of my career.”

Rani plays the character of Naina Mathur who has a nervous system disorder, Tourette Syndrome that forces an individual to make involuntary repetitive movements or sounds. Hichki focuses on turning disadvantages into opportunities and staring down at challenges that life throws at one and ultimately winning over them.

Rani ends saying, “Today is an extremely special day for us, women. This box office validation gives me incredible confidence to continue my journey as a working mother who can aim to balance her professional and personal life to a T. Thank you all for giving me the power to continue living my dream.”

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