An actor, producer and now also a director – Arbaaz Khan has enjoyed all three roles over the years, but going behind the camera for Dabangg 2 is what he says he has loved the most.

“I have done more than 40 films as an actor I have worked for 16 years as an actor, then I turned producer now I am a director but if you ask me which is the profession that I have enjoyed the most, I would say it is direction,” said Arbaaz here.

Arbaaz Khan Directing Dabangg 2
Arbaaz Khan Directing Dabangg 2

In Dabangg 2, Arbaaz has took up all three responsibilities, and says it wasn’t easy to manage it.

“It is difficult. It is not easy to manage everything when it is just one person who has to manage three different things. Of course, there is a sense of responsibility, but I prioritized my work and then I worked on it. I was more a director than anything else. As a producer, my things were ready before, but when I used to be on sets, then I was only a director,” he added.

Arbaaz is presently busy promoting Dabangg 2, which features Salman Khan, Sonakshi Sinha and Prakash Raj. It will release on December 21.

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