Salim Khan is a doting father, and like any other loving patriarch, he doesn’t have any favourites, “My sons live like friends,” he says matter-of-factly recounting how his sons straighten themselves whenever he enters the room.

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Salim recounts his childhood spent away from his parents, living in a huge house with a large courtyard. As his mother suffered from tuberculosis, she spent the last 4 years of her life in a separate cottage without seeing her son. Eventually, the writer was brought up with much love and care by the servants of his house.

Initially Salim Khan, like the numerous others who enter Bollywood, wanted to become an actor. But things changed, “After working for a while I realized that I had the art of conception, better than an actor but I did not have the art of projection. For example: Amitabh Bachchan is not a very tough man physically, but the toughness that he projects on screen is phenomenal.”

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Watch what he has to say about his sons, childhood and career as a writer in an interview with Komal Nahta.

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