Akshay Kumar in a still from Khiladi 786 Movie
Akshay Kumar in a still from Khiladi 786 Movie

Khiladi 786 has things going for it, and how. What started off as a ‘masala’ film in the offering by Akshay Kumar has suddenly emerged as the hottest film of the current season, and one man who needs major credit for that is composer Himesh Reshammiya. So much so that Akshay, who is also a co-producer here, and others associated with the film have decided to up the tempo in a major way as far as the marketing and promotion is concerned.

“They have cut loose their purse strings,” informs our well informed source, “Any biggie worth its salt would be happy to have two chartbuster songs up its sleeves. If there are three then it is an added bonus. However Khiladi 786 has only seen an escalation in its fortunes as far as its music is concerned, what with each and every song turning out to be bigger than the one released before.”

This can be evidenced from the fact that Long Drive, one of the most awaited songs from the film ever since its soundtrack was released, has turned out to be an instant winner ever since its arrival a week back. Before that it was Hookah Bar which has been a hit at pubs and discotheques already.

“These two songs are huge chartbusters all the way and Akshay, Himesh as well as the music company T-Series are gung-ho about the album’s fortunes,” an insider adds, “Actually the tone was set by Balma and Lonely and by the time the film’s title song and Saari Saari Raat arrived, it was more than obvious that the music was special.”

Akshay Kumar and Asin in a still from Khiladi 786 Movie Songs
Akshay Kumar and Asin in a still from Khiladi 786 Movie Songs

Meanwhile, an underwhelming response to the music of Jab Tak Hai Jaan and Talaash only ended up leaving the music market wide open for Khiladi 786 to make a killing. With quite some space available wide open to create an even bigger presence, an overnight decision was taken to release Khiladi Mashup.

“I have always maintained that commercial cinema is what I go by. Also, I want to give audience what the market demands. I am told that each of the songs has been a chartbuster already. Wonderful, because Himesh had promised me that it would be the best music of the year whenever it would hit the stands. In such a scenario, it is all the more deserving for Khiladi 786 to see a ‘Mashup’ for itself,” says Akshay in an ecstatic tone.

With 10 more days still to go for the film’s release and the film & song promotion peaking already, one can well expect all the more euphoria to be generated by the time Khiladi 786 actually hits the screens on 7th December.

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