Debuting with a big film alongside established stars like Amitabh Bachchan and Dhanush, we asked newbie Akshara Haasan whether she had any inhibitions of not getting an enough screen space to showcase her acting prowess. But here’s an honest answer that we got from Akshara.


She said, “To be honest, Mr. Bachchan is very generous, he gives equal amount of screen space to anybody. And we all trusted Balki sir to give us the equal amount of time to shine. Mr. Bachchan and Dhanush both gave that space to each of us to shine. When it’s their scene they own it and when it’s other person’s scene they let them own it. A beautiful thing I am taking from Shamitabh.”

Akshara Haasan at an event
Akshara Haasan at an event

She adds further, “The whole process of how we all came together and became a family. How we kept pulling each other whenever we were down or really having a bad day or a good day, we were there for each other. And apart from that the drive and the passion everybody had and how well technically they knew their craft. And there is a lot more I take from this film, the entire film is been so special. And I feel it got over too soon, but we had to release the film at the end of the day.”

For Akshara, Shamitabh is a very refreshing film, very unique. She said, “A powerful and soulful film. It has a lot of soul in it and Balki sir is just created another master stroke of a film. It’s a very special film for me not just the fact that it’s my first film, but it is also the fact that its got me to a better place. As an actor it has helped me discover me as an actor. Confidence is boosted with Shamitabh. I am confident, I have always been confident, but there is a different kind of confident. It’s the same confidence, it’s just added to already existing confidence.

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