In Bollywood, these days new subjects and out of the box content are being appreciated. The response to the recently released film “Umakant Pandey Purush Ya…..?” has also been received very well and Ajeet Kumar’s performance in the Title role in the movie has been highly applauded and Ajeet is very excited.

Ajeet Kumar says, “My film has elicited a very good response, though quite often it is very difficult for a new movie with newcomers in Bollywood to get a proper release, we are happy that we have been able to come up with a movie with a social message to the public and what’s more, we are happy that it has been accepted too because the audience could easily connect to the film and for us it is nothing short of a great achievement. I have seen the film with the audiences and I am happy that they liked it. Not only has the audience been able to laugh at the comedy scenes but also could connect with the serious scenes which set out to impart a social message”.

The Film "Umakant Pandey Purush Ya.....?" came out really well, Ajeet Kumar is Excited!
Ajeet Kumar On Umakant Pandey Purush Ya…..?: “It’s About How We Do Not Talk Openly About Sex” 

Ajeet Kumar further says, “How does Umakant Pandey make his life hell because of a suspicion, that is the essence of this film. “Even today in our society, people do not come forward to talk openly about sex, as a result of which we have to face difficulties quite often. The people could identify themselves with the character when we set out to show how in the climax the protagonist solves his problems. In fact, a family even told me that the content of the film is such that it should be shown in schools as well as colleges.”

The film is about how we do not talk openly about sex and the allied ancillary issues in society. It is Ajeet Kumar’s first film and he has tackled a role which he is dynamically very different from what he is actually in real life but since he belongs to the theatre basically, he has been able to etch the character which is different and very complex and been able to live his role effortlessly too, People have liked his look too in the film.

Though serious, the character of Umakant Pandey makes people laugh their guts out. Ajeet considers this possible to be his real victory as an actor. People from the middle class have been able to connect with his character because the film has been culled from real-life incidents.

The journey of Ajeet becoming an actor has been very ‘filmi’. After having done theatre in Delhi for several years, Ajeet came to Mumbai in 2004 but since the money that he had brought with him from home was exhausted in four months, he realized that he should be in a position to earn his livelihood if he wanted to fulfill his ambitions. He went back to Delhi and started a job and also dabble in theatre and came back to Mumbai again in 2008 and staged plays in theatres like Rangsharda, Manik-Sabhgrah and went back to Delhi to continue with his job and again came back Mumbai to stay till 2012.

It was then that Ajeet decided that he will make a film with his theatre group in Delhi. It took him quite a long time to complete his film and reach the audiences, he signs off by telling that the bigger things happen gradually!

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