Paresh Rawal challenged God and won hands down when it came to OMG Oh My God!. The film went on to be the surprise blockbuster of the year despite it’s volatile theme and the fact that it was basically a character artist in a central role running the show. With a renewed confidence in his standing as a central protagonist on whose name a film can be sold today, Paresh Rawal is now challenging a Bollywood superstition now. His film Table No. 21 is coming in the first week of the New Year which is generally considered inauspicious for any Bollywood release, whether big or small.

Paresh Rawal in a still from Table No. 21 Movie
Paresh Rawal in a still from Table No. 21 Movie

“He is on the same page as the makers which is that it is a good film that works and not a week that decides its fate. Moreover, after preaching against superstitions in his very last film, it was prudent that he doesn’t fall prey to one of them. He is the most notable name in the film that features Rajeev Khandelwal and Tena Desae as the lead pair. This is the reason why he is so prominently placed in the entire promotion as well. He is standing by the film and is gearing up for its release on 4th January,” comments a source.

It appears to be a brave, yet calculated move since this year Players too had dared to release in the first week and failed miserably at the box office.

“However No One Killed Jessica had succeeded last year, remember that?” asks a trade expert, “It too was the first release of 2011. See, at the end of the day a good film works. If Table No. 21 fails, it would be due to its content. Same goes true vice-versa. It has a very unique concept by director Aditya Dutt. The film deals with a reality show about love, life and death with Paresh Rawal as the ‘Big Boss’.”

The makers also feel that from the release perspective it is arriving at just the right time since two weeks would have gone by since the release of Dabangg 2 and audience would be waiting for a new film to watch. Incidentally those backing Leander Paes’ much delayed debut film Rajdhani Express feel the same and are releasing their film on the same date.

Hope Gods do approve, help kill another superstition and give 2013 a winning start.

Joginder Tuteja tweets @tutejajoginder

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