Actress Kajol says nepotism is a moot point but feels people have succeeded in the film industry purely on the basis of talent and not due to their family lineage.


Recently at the IIFA Awards, Varun Dhawan along with Kara Johar and Saif Ali Khan had mocked actress Kangana Ranaut in the wake of the nepotism controversy. The trio was trolled on social media for the joke they made at the expense of the ‘Queen’ actress and had to eventually apologise for the same.

Veteran Actress Kajol Talks About Nepotism
After Anushka Sharma, Veteran Actress Kajol Talks About Nepotism

In an interview, Kajol opened up about the same. She stated that it is nothing wrong if a child wants to be like his or her parents, “I think it is a debate brought on by two personalities (referring to Karan and Kangana) who have decided to quote- unquote each other. I honestly think it’s a moot point because every child wants to grow up and be like their parents,” she said.

“Lawyers’ children grow up and become lawyers, and doctors’ children grow up and become doctors. And sometimes both of their children become actors,” she added.

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Kajol, who is the daughter of veteran actress Tanuja believes that it is only hard work which has made people famous in Bollywood, “It is an open world. It is a free space. Anybody can become anything that they want to become. The people who succeeded in the industry, and by example you can take any name you want, they have succeeded because of their talent and sheer hard work.” She said.

“I don’t think all the people who have succeeded have that much to claim over their bloodline,” she further added.

Kajol is now gearing up for her upcoming Tamil film VIP 2. She was last seen in Dilwale.




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