Irrfan Khan & The Amazing Spider-Man Movie Poster
Irrfan Khan stars in The Amazing Spider-Man.

When The Amazing Spider-Man star Irrfan Khan appeared on the talk show It’s My Life with Raveena Tandon, he had a big surprise awaiting him from none other than Spider-Man director Marc Webb himself! Webb recorded a special video message for the show and he was all praise for the actor who plays the pivotal role of Dr. Ratha in the much-awaited film, scheduled to release on 3 July 2012.

“Irrfan’s importance in Hollywood is an interesting thing. A lot of directors are really starting to take notice of him and are looking for roles for Irrfan because he’s got such a wonderful reputation. There’s a show he did here (in the US) called In Treatment and you really got to see his wonderful abilities. Whether its Danny Boyle or Ang Lee, really very strong directors are starting to take notice of this star who comes from a land that some view as exotic and far away from us. But you realise with actors like Irrfan, how close they really are,” he gushed.

“Irrfan, it’s good to see you again. I hope you’re doing well and my best to you and your family,” Webb said signing off.

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