Promo of the digital series Breathe is finally out and has instantly caught attention. Though at the time of its announcement a few did wonder how would the makers indeed manage to pull it off amidst challenge not just from the international digital series but also Bollywood back home, one look at the promo of Breathe and all such cynicism instantly dies down.

It is as simple as that, Breathe is coming with a lot of promise and if the two odd minute playing time of the promo is any indication, audience is indeed in for a treat with Madhavan, Amit Sadh and team bringing quite a few thrills and drama right at home.

Abundantia’s Breathe All Set To Take Indian Digital Series To An International Level



The plot isn’t as simple as many would have possibly bargained for when it comes to home viewing, and in a way that is good since it is about time that the intelligence of audience is tested and they are offered something which is far beyond a simplistic treatment. Madhavan is playing a man whose son needs an organ donor to survive. When push comes to shove, an ‘aam aadmi’ finds himself becoming a monster no less, in this case Madhavan who gets into the killing spree of the very same donors whose death would mean life for his son. On his trail is a cop (Amit Sadh) with a haunting past of his own. A cat and mouse game begins and while there are suspects, chases and interrogations galore, in the midst of this all is a child who is hanging between life and death.

What is all the more exciting of this digital series is the fact that its production values (at least on the basis of the promo) appear to be at par with what one expects from a Bollywood thriller. Be it the cinematography or the background score or the sound or the production design, just about everything conveys it loud and clear that the standards have definitely been elevated when it comes to an Indian digital series. Moreover, what adds further credibility to the affairs is the presence of Madhavan who is an established actor for a couple of decades, still pretty much around as a main lead in the world of Indian films, and has taken a step forward into this new arena. Add to that the presence of Amit Sadh, who is making his presence felt in Bollywood already for the last few years and you know that from the entire set up perspective, Breathe is definitely taking things to the next level.

Directed by Mayank Sharma and produced by Vikram Malhotra (Baby, Airlift) of Abundantia, Breathe is an Amazon Prime digital series which is set to be unveiled on 26th January. One looks forward to how the episodes unfold because this could well be the start of something truly interesting and exciting for audiences in time to come.



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