They may be drool-worthy poster boys, but not so much when it comes to dancing. So it is no surprise that director Prakash Jha heaved a sigh of relief after Arjun Rampal and Abhay Deol gave the perfect shot for the item song Paro in his forthcoming film Chakravyuh.

Abhay Deol, Arjun Rampal's Item Song In Prakash Jha's Chakravyuh
Abhay Deol, Arjun Rampal's Item Song In Prakash Jha's Chakravyuh

While choreographically challenged Abhay took ten days to rehearse for the song, Arjun managed to get hold of it in two days.

Prakash Jha wanted both Arjun Rampal and Abhay Deol to shake a leg in the item song, choreographed by Ganesh Acharya, but the actors were getting stuck with their two left feet. The song happens after they meet up for a college reunion in a small town and has a very tapori feel to it. When Ganesh showed the dance moves to Abhay, the actor was shocked and said he would not be able to do it. However, director Jha and Ganesh both convinced him and he finally agreed to do it but told them that he would need a lot of rehearsals.

Director Jha says, “Abhay loved the song. Initially he expressed reservations about it as he is not comfortable with dancing. It’s a song is from their college days when they meet after seven years and is very rowdy, bindass kind of song where they think of some imaginary Paro and sing to her. Abhay wanted to practice for 10 days so he could be confident about it. With Arjun, it was easy as he just rehearsed for two days and did it!”

We can’t wait to see these guys shake it!

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