A Love Story Is Keeping Ram Gopal Varma Bad As UsualIf you ask Ram Gopal Varma the customary question at the start of a conversation, “How are you?”, his reply these days is, “As bad as usual and as good as ever.” Trust Ramu to come up with something as original as that.

After the bloody Rakht Charitra and its sequel, maverick filmmaker Ramu is currently shooting for A Love Story. Inspired from the real-life story of Maria Susairaj, Ramu’s plans to show an “incredible love story” in the film. The case in which Maria, an actress, was accused of murdering Neeraj Grover mad the headlines in 2008. Maria’s fiancé, Emile Jerome Matthew, had killed Grover after which Maria and Emile are said to have hacked the corpse, set the chopped limbs on fire and disposed it in a nearby jungle.



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