You can listen to “Sonakshi Sinha Gets Savage” from #NoFilterNeha – Season 2 on Saavn but here we present you some of her most memorable confesses she made on this talk show.


Things she has done for pictures!

I made it sound like I’m so eager to see you, I’ve not met you for so long, what’re you doing, come. She says I’m here. So I’m in my gym gear and I’m like come on, let’s do pictures! She’s like what?! You’ve called me from Peddar Road to Juhu to click your pictures?!

When she picks singing over acting
I actually love singing. It’s something I used to do since I was a child as well, like download these songs, download the lyrics, get them printed, record my voice and put it on CDs and tapes and all that. I used to really enjoy doing that. And the acting is something, I never wanted to act but when it happened to me, I was more than thankful.

Things Sonakshi Sinha confesses on #NoFilterNeha season 2!
7 Confessions Sonakshi Sinha Made On #NoFilterNeha Season 2!

When she confessed that Dabangg was the first time ever that she put on make-up and hair
Yes, the first time ever!

When she says she’s NOT in awe of Salman Khan
Usually, people are in awe of him…I’m not!

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Her first job and first salary
I was volunteering at Lakmé Fashion Week and I used to be ushering people. I used to be showing them to their seats, seeing their passes and showing them to their seats. That was my first job and for 5 days of LFW, I earned 3000 rupees and I thought like WOWW!

Her cheap thrills – Iskool Ke Taime Pe!
It was really funny. And if you YouTube it, it’s even better! So guys go and YouTube Iskool Ke Taime Pe

Her first and most disastrous time booking a hotel
I found this hotel on Times Square which looked very nice online and all so I booked it for all of us. And we walked in and our room was like a matchbox! It got over before it even started. I think I was taller than the bed. I wasn’t even fitting entirely on the bed, it was just a big disaster and anyway Times Square is a big macchi market and they had some fair going on downstairs and so I was damn pissed off the entire time I was there. Then I decided I’m not booking a hotel ever again!




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