After Shah Rukh Khan spilled the beans on his most candid moments on the Anupam Kher show ‘Kuch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai’ last week, this time it was the blue eyed girl of Bollywood, Alia Bhatt with her father Mahesh Bhatt.

The young and vivacious Alia has already become a big name in the industry and no it is not because of her film family, ‘The Bhatts’ but because of her stellar performances in her recent films such as Highway and 2 States.


Well, from this week’s show, we found out the five best moments that Alia and her father Mahesh Bhatt share.

Check out 5 things we got to know about this Daddy’s lil girl:

1. Coz Alia Cannot Jagao The Extinct Volcano Mahesh Bhatt

Probably the most common question Alia is faced with is when will her father direct her next but Daddy’s little princess is always faced with the answer that the veteran director is now an extinct volcano. She says, “Ab main extinct volcano ko kaise jagau!” And everyone rolled with laughter. When Anupam Kher asked of two films of Bhatt sahab she would want to act in, she reverted with Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin and Hum Hain Rahi Pyaar Ke and then turned towards her father pleadingly and exclaimed with child like expectation, “Papaa…” Mahesh conceded and even did a mock shot of Alia and Anupam together.

2. Papa Bhatt Saves The Baby Bhatt From Mummy Bhatt

​Coming to Alia’s mother, we found out that they always have major fights​ – Alia and her mom Soni Razdan. As Alia explained that her mom still treats her like a kid, she added that her dad comes to her rescue and always takes her side. Though that diverts the course of the fight because Soni and Mahesh then gets into one, but it seemed Bhatt sahab ko beti ke liye yeh bhi manzoor hai.

3. When Alia Said She Would Not Want A Husband Like Mahesh Bhatt

It is no new that Mahesh Bhatt had an extra marital affair with actress Parveen Babi which was the reason for his divorce with Kiran. So, when Kher asked Alia whether she would like to have a husband like her father, she instantly said “NO”. The actress then said that she is seeking for a partner who is her best friend and can make her laugh, whom she can be herself with. And Papa Bhatt at that added that Alia’s laugh gives him peace. When she laughs, she does so whole heartedly.

4. Mahesh Bhatt Doesn’t Like Being Called Alia Bhatt’s Dad

At one time, Mahesh Bhatt called Alia to say how depressed he feels when people call him Alia’s father. Though he was laughing, Alia says he doesn’t like being called that.

5. Alia Has The Will Power Of her Dad

Though the actress mentioned, she is like both her parents, she has the will power of her dad! Mahesh Bhatt’s willpower is so strong and Alia seems to have the same determined streak of her dad.

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