The festival of colours, ‘Holi’ is here and since we know how much fun its is to get drenched in the whole festive fervour, have you ever played a Holi Bollywood style?

While Bollywood has given us several hit numbers such, ‘Balam Pichkari’, ‘Holi Khele Raghuveera’ and the likes it is some special ingredients without which a Bollywood Holi song is incomplete.


Check out the typical Bollywood cliched signs that you will always find in a Holi song:

Neat Whities Are A Must. Perfect Canvas For Every Color!

Dump The Heroine In The Swimming Pool. It’s The Holi Tradition Bollywood Ishtyle!

As If Bhaang Is The Most Legally Available Thing Possible!

How, May I Ask, Is Dhol Significant For Holi?

The Plates Heaped With Colors. Only Bollywood Can Play The Festival Of Mess With Such Sorted Meticulousness?

Look At Them! It’s Holi Guys. Not A Gang War.

And Look At Her! Dude Did You Even Play It Well?

Ahem! Holi Doesn’t Make You Horny.

Holi Is Definitely Not A Diving Competition Love!

Holi Songs Are Flash Mobs For Everyone. They All Know The Dance Steps Aptly!



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