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Music Director: Agnee

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Yeh Hai Bakrapur, thanks to smart wordplay, makes a brave attempt to score with simplicity in the louder-than-loud Bollywood and kudos ‘cause it will probably be a successful attempt. Of course, Agnee does a fantastic job at conjuring a melodious album but when it comes to lyrics, one will have to wait and watch for the final verdict because you will either find it effortlessly entertaining or trying too hard to be different.

Asif Basra and Anshuman Jha in a still from movie 'Yeh Hai Bakrapur'
Asif Basra and Anshuman Jha in a still from movie ‘Yeh Hai Bakrapur’

Pyaar Mein Bakra – Yeh Hai Bakrapur Music Review

The piano and Mohan’s voice make for a worthy listen. This number is probably the mushiest one in the album. Especially for the native touch in lyrics, ‘bakra’, the song deserves that click on the repeat button.

Pair Anaadi – Yeh Hai Bakrapur Music Review

Composed by Agnee, this number is indigenous satire at its active funniest. The lyrics dissect the present political scenario and the folk rendition just adds pep to the track. The number also features Indian Ocean, Raghu Ram and Abbas Tyrewala. Watch out for this one to go viral!

Om Shaanti Om – Tribute To Bollywood – Yeh Hai Bakrapur Music Review

One must note how the name of the song, then its lyrics and video have actually ended up making Shah Rukh Khan as a synonym for Bollywood. This is fantastic. Funny and crude, this track is one you will love to share on your timeline or tweet feed. Paanchi Jalonvi does a fine job at lyrics. Credits for the composition go to Agnee.

The Last Word – Yeh Hai Bakrapur Music Review

A no-nonsense album from Agnee’s stable. That is enough said to summarise this experience. It’s not every day that Bollywood notices albums without the typical recipe of 2 lovesongs, 2 item numbers, 2 of this and 2 of that. This one stands as a welcome change with three innovative tracks set to complement each other through the exceptionally short album.

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