Star Rating: 3/5 (Three Stars)

The Academy award Winner A.R Rahman disappointed his fans with the music of Yash Chopra’s much anticipated film Jab Tak Hai Jaan. Slating himself to a long break from mainstream Bollywood music, the man again lent his brilliance to Raanjhanaa. Very unlikely to be a Rahman composition, the music yet again lacks a soul stirring capability which made him a maverick once! Technically it is both brilliant and fine but the midas touch of the musician is strikingly missing. I note this more as a fan and less as a critic. For someone who has closely followed his work for years, the distinct upbeat moments are fewer in this album. However, generally it is still Rahman and by default way above general affairs of mainstream music, but not memorable or as spirited as many of his lesser known better works!

Dhanush in Raanjhanaa Movie Stills
Dhanush in Raanjhanaa Movie Stills

Raanjhanaa Title Track – Raanjhanaa Music Review

Sung by Jaswinder Singh and Shiraz Uppal the song is high on energy. With a high energy quotient, the voices of both singers are enmeshed well with the tunes. At one place, the song has a conspicuous diction issue which will hammer listeners! Besides that the classic tunes along with mild heavy tunes, the song is quite hummable!

Banarasiya – Raanjhanaa Music Review

Very earthy and folksy in its tunes, it would remind of Mehendi Hai Rachnewali from Zubeidaa! Shreya Ghosal’s sweet voice along with impeccable command over the song she works on, that happens to be the prime sheen point of the track!

Piya Milenge – Raanjhanaa Music Review

Commendably getting together in the same note, a blend of western instruments and sufi touch, is something only Rahman can do so brilliantly! This song could have been very out of place and distasteful if not treated well. The alignment of lyrics, the sufi rhythm and heavy instruments, especially the violin’s part is what makes Piya Milenge infallible.

Ay Sakhi – Raanjhanaa Music Review

This song is an example of unfavorable creativity. Despite smooth voices, the song doesn’t succeed in bringing out anything that it attempts to! The song overtly sweet for my taste, I somehow don’t find the song appealing or innovative!

Nazar Laaye – Raanjhanaa Music Review

This Rashid Ali and Neeti Mohan song is wonderful and energetic. It has a whiff of Jane Tu Ya Jane Na-like music which makes it a charming rendition. Beaming with charm and ardor, it is extremely innocent and simple which evokes a positive feeling for this song!

Tu Mun Shudi – Raanjhanaa Music Review

This track is the album’s true hiatus! Sung by Rabbi along with Rahman, this song will gradually grow on you. The energy levels are soaring in this track and the wonderful orchestration just works even more in its favor. My personal favorite from this album, it reminds me of Khalbali from Rang De Basanti!

Aise Na Dekho – Raanjhanaa Music Review

A.R Rahman’s jazz influence has been translated tremendously well in the song. The whistling and the ambiance, along with Rahman’s haunting voice will invariably bring back sweeter memories from the title track of Jane Tu Ya Jane Na. And that is exactly what bruises the song as it obviously fails to match up to the earlier song.

The Land Of Shiva– Raanjhanaa Music Review

This piece resounds with chants of priests, ringing of temple bells and drum beats. The piece is lucid and impactful and soulfully done without dilly dallying.

Tum Tak – Raanjhanaa Music Review

I quite like the melody of this song but the lyrics aren’t up to the mark. Somehow the song is excessively repetitive in terms of its notes! Javed Ali dominates the female singers who fail to match up to his energy and caliber. There was way more potential in this music capsule than it could exert!

The Last Word– Raanjhanaa Music Review

Overall, this Rahman album is a definite low for me! With no blazing or pulsating factor to back up an album of nine tracks, this is by far one of his most mediocre works! Lacking in creative gusto, the album is too plain to be Rahman or Irshad Kamil for that matter! Since the man’s name itself pines heavy expectations from his work, it is advisable that you give it a hear with modest curiosity. High chances are that you will be less disappointed! I am going with a 3 on 5. It is a moderate album and that’s exactly the problem here. Rahman is too good to settle for such average work and his dwindling mainstream work is definitely a bad sign for lovers of Bollywood music.

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