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Challo Driver’ is a small budget movie which comes with the promise of being made with a lot of heart and soul. Starring Kainaz Motiwala of ‘Ragini MMS’ fame, this one is a plot-based film which has actor-director Vickrant Mahajan also stepping in as a lyricist with Gaurav Dayal and Sajjad Ali Chandwani as the composers. Though there are as many as five original tracks here, unfortunately none of them is chartbuster material.

Prem Chopra, Kainaz Motivala in Challo Driver Movie Stills
Prem Chopra, Kainaz Motivala in Challo Driver Movie Stills

Challo Driver Music Review: Kudi Pataka Driver

Album begins with ‘Kudi Pataka Driver’ which is an apt song for a film which is based in Delhi and has a girl stepping in as a driver. Hard Kaur, Mika and Gaurav Dayal are appropriate behind the mike for this Punjabi track which tries to bring fun and masti in it. Though one would have expected some magic here due to the choice of singers, the song doesn’t really electrify the atmosphere and ends up being just a decent attempt.

Challo Driver Music Review: Dehle Pe Gulla

Dehle Pe Gulla’ is a typical Punjabi track that boasts of some authentic lyrics. Though there is Labh Janjua at the helm of affairs along with Gaurav Dayal, one doesn’t really see any magic being created as the overall result is quite dull. A better tune would have helped it cover some distance at least.

Challo Driver Music Review: Wakhre Wakhre Kaam

Wakhre Wakhre Kaam’ takes the album forward and is a song that explores the theme of the film quite simply and effectively. Gaurav Dayal and Aditi Veena manage to do just an average job since there is not much in the core composition that could have covered some distance. Lyrics are very conversational as well and do not offer much to the listener. Overall, this song’s job is to mainly take the narrative forward and seems like it would fit into the proceedings well.

Challo Driver Music Review: Umangon Ka Karavan

Album takes a softer turn with ‘Umangon Ka Karavan’, a soothing romantic number by Shaan and Raktima. Shaan sings this one in his characteristic style while Raktima too tries to compliment him behind the mike. However it turns out to be an average romantic track which won’t really be remembered for long.

Challo Driver Music Review: Ittefaq Hai Daastan Hai

Shubhankar Dutta wraps up the album with ‘Ittefaq Hai Daastan Hai’, a sad emotional track that is very predictable and clichéd. Though it has nothing extraordinary to offer, it still is the best of the lot and is a good attempt by the singer.

Challo Driver Music Review: The Last Word

Overall, ‘Challo Driver’ is just an average album and while the setting is Delhi, the team has mostly chosen Punjabi tracks to catch the theme’s pulse. However the package doesn’t really cover a greater distance. Though this album could well have been ‘Khosla Ka Ghosla’ of 2012, it doesn’t really succeed in making that happen.




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