It was yet another good week for those who like to frequent theatres, what with Hollywood as well as Bollywood finding space for itself on Indian screens. Let’s talk about ‘The Dark Knight Rises‘ first. Released on a limited screen count, the film took a good opening but collections weren’t really in line with the hype since the Batman saga primarily scored in the urban centres. That was good enough though for the film to make its moolah and qualify as a clean success, what with close to 27 crores coming in it’s first week.

The Dark Knight Rises, Cocktail Movie Posters
The Dark Knight Rises, Cocktail Movie Posters

Now this is indeed a healthy number for a film which doesn’t really have years of franchise building in India, just like has been the case with ‘Spiderman‘ or ‘Harry Potter‘ series. Prior to ‘The Dark Knight‘, there weren’t many Batman films that had caught the fancy of Indian audience which means practically, this is just the second time around that the film got such a good platform for itself to build. Having said that, the film did find some criticism as well due to lack of ‘Joker‘ in the enterprise. However this was just a minor grudge in the bigger scheme of things since no one disliked the film, hence ensuring an overall neat run.

The film will have at least one more decent week for itself before ‘Total Recall’ becomes the flavour of the season. What didn’t run even for a week though were Hindi films ‘Mere Dost Picture Abhi Baki Hai’, ‘Challo Driver‘ and ‘Gattu‘. Colossal disasters with hardly any collections whatsoever to talk about, they have sunk without a trace and are not finding themselves on the Bollywood week now.

What has stayed on reasonably well is ‘Cocktail‘ which, after a fantastic start (that caught everyone by surprise), found itself on a much stable ground and hung on in the second week. With ~17 crore coming in, the film is now close to the 72 crore mark and making a good march towards the 80 crore mark. That would in fact be a milestone which would make the film jump from hit to superhit status and for that a stable third week would be most crucial. ‘Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum‘ releases this week but since it’s print count is moderate (and not too high) it should allow good screen space to ‘Cocktail‘ as well for a good survival.

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