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Krishna aur Kans Movie Wallpaper
Krishna aur Kans Movie Wallpaper


Krishna aur Kans, India’s first stereoscopic animated movie, is pitched as a good treat for the kids. It adds on to the world of animated devotional movies which are full of action and drama. The music of the album is composed by Shantanu Moitra with lyrics by Swanand Kirkire. Tracks of the movie are sung by varied singers with vocals of child artist Shravan Suresh leading the bunch.

Krishna aur Kans Music review: Ayega Koi Ayega

The album begins with ‘Ayega Koi Ayega’ in the soft and the melodious voice of Sonu Nigam which is accompanied by Hamsika Iyer, Amitabh Bhattachariya and Swanand Kirkire. It opens with the enchanting of holy mantras and ringing bells in the background, something which is really soothing and gentle hence giving the feel of a shrine. Lyrics by Swanand are simple and very apt too, hence depicting the advent of Lord Krishna in the movie.

Krishna aur Kans Music review: Enchanting Flute

‘Enchanting Flute’ is another fabulous composition where Rakesh Chaurasiya takes the listener to the mythological era of primeval times. The sound of flute is blended well with other instruments, thus making it an extravagance for the classical music lovers.

Krishna aur Kans Music review: Holi Hai

The album is carried ahead by the track ‘Holi Hai’ which begins on high notes with drum beats in the background. As it proceeds, it is decorated well by the vocals of Amitabh Bhattachariya and Abhijeet Ghoshal, which further get good company in the form of sweet and melodious voice of Hamsika Iyer. The track is filled with full on ‘masti’ and fun of ‘holi’. Swanand’s lyrics very pertinently depict the ‘jugalbandi’ of ‘masti’ between Lord Krishna and Radha.

Krishna aur Kans Music review: Suno Suno Sawarein Ki

‘Suno Suno Sawarein Ki’ is a duet by Shreya Ghoshal and Pranab Kumar. The magic of Shreya’s voice can be felt in the track while classical rendition by Pranab is simply relaxing. Swanand’s lyrics are good and very aptly explain the misery and gloom in the surroundings after the departure of Lord Krishna from Vrindavan.

Krishna aur Kans Music review: Gokul Ki Galiyon Me

‘Gokul Ki Galiyon Me’ is a solo in the vocals of Shravan Suresh. His innocent vocals provide an exact essence of Krishna’s childhood days, which carries a great appeal.

Krishna aur Kans Music review: Natkhat Natkhat

Next in the list is ‘Natkhat Natkhat’ which is filled with true essence of Kanha’s naughty childhood. Vocals by Shravan enhance the purity and simplicity of the track. Meanwhile Swanand joins in as well behind the mike and he lends the song a melodic and calming touch, which very rightly manages to connect audiences with Krishna. Yet again the magic of Shravan’s tender voice can be felt in the track ‘Nukkad Wale’ which is really captivating.

Krishna aur Kans Music review: Putana

Album proceeds with ‘Putana’ which arrives in the vocals of Sunidhi Chauhan. This number very well expresses the ferocious tale of ‘Putana’, thereby managing to scare away children. Moreover, Swananda’s lyrics too pretty much bring audience closer to the film.

Krishna aur Kans Music review: Roon Ghoona Re

Charm of Shreya’s voice along with Babul Supriyo can be felt in ‘Roon Ghoona Re’. Overall the track is soft and catchy with a touch of classical theme to it. Meanwhile lyrics pretty much provide true aroma of Ras Leela among Kanha and Radha. Meanwhile a ‘Shloka’ marks the end of the album in the vocals of Varaprasad J.V.

Krishna aur Kans Music review: The Last Word

Overall the music album is good and melodious, with lyrics being simple and catchy which go with the soundtrack belonging to this genre. However since the film has released today sans any promotion whatsoever, one waits to see if the music album would eventually manage to leave any mark.



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