Star rating: 3/5 (Three stars)

Music Director: Sajid-Wajid, Mustafa Zahid, Bilal Saad and Manj Musik.

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Is this just another album with the same set of experimental genres? May be, yes. But there is also an extended novelty mainly introduced by Chauhan, Singh and Zahid, alongside Kausar Munir at lyrics. Cliché wins over innovation, and one can’t complain because overall, Heropanti‘s album is worth a few rounds of listening.

Tiger Shroff and Kriti Sanon in a still from movie ‘Heropanti’
Tiger Shroff and Kriti Sanon in a still from movie ‘Heropanti’

Rabba – Heropanti Music Review

Kausar Munir penned this typically romantic number. It’s a little like revisiting 90s Bollywood. And no, we are definitely not complaining. Mohit Chauhan at vocals just makes it better. The song does not really come under any particular genre.

Raat Bhar – Heropanti Music Review

Arijit Singh hits the initial notes with an absolute power over this rendition and though it turns into a fusion later, there is no intoned confusion at all. Kausar Munir, yet again, does a fine job. Shreya Ghoshal compliments the male voice in her systemic perfection, as far as playback is concerned. It is also a suitable number for going out clubbing.

Tabah – Heropanti Music Review

The experimental blues of Bollywood is not stereotyped, though there is nothing outstanding about either lyrics or music. However, the entire composition of this song does not irritate, if at all fails to soothe. Apart from the strumming, Chauhan’s voice must be noted. DJ Angel at remix does bring in techno and trance, but even then, the song survives. So it is just the right amount of loud.

The Pappi Song – Heropanti Music Review

It is a peppy number, granted. But it is nothing more than fun. So we can say we like it for sheer entertainment. It is a good one as far as mid day clubbing is concerned. Raftaar at lyrics is so crass that it just increases the fun factor. Manj and Raftaar come together at vocals and music credits go to Manj.

Tere Bina – Heropanti Music Review

Mustafa Zahid introduces a commendable freshness to the number. It is not about how outstanding the number is, simply for the composition being ever so simple, we say we really like it. The use of chorus falls nicely into place. Zahid and Bilaal Saad come together both at music and lyrics.

The Last Word – Heropanti Music Review

A sweet stereotypically Bollywood album with nothing much to say about. Love it for the good old pyaar – vyaar and dance – shance or hate it for being yet another pile of numbers tracing the lines of tested compositions.

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