Hate Story 4 Music Review: Rating: 2/5 Stars (Two stars)


Music Director/s: Tanishk Bagchi, Arko, Mithoon, Baman-Chand, Tony Kakkar

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It seems T-Series has made its usual template of roping in multiple composers for an album. Hate Story 4 is no different, having arranged by 5 different composers, it has four original and two recreated songs. Let’s see if this album can live up to the expectations T-Series has created through its previous albums.

Hate Story 4 Music Review: The Only Good Thing Is Himesh Reshammiya's Retained Voice
Hate Story 4 Music Review: The Only Good Thing Is Himesh Reshammiya’s Retained Voice

Aashiq Banaya Aapne – Hate Story 4 Music Review

Post recreating the old songs, T-Series has taken its own chart-buster Aashiq Banaya Aapne to mend & break it for today’s generation of music listeners. This song has been very special for every 90s kid and Himesh’s fan. Rehashing it from a seductress’ point of view, thankfully Tanish Bhagchi – the king of recreations – has retained the voice of Himesh Reshammiya. Don’t know if this is sad but in the whole song, the only good thing about it is the retained portion. Neha Kakkar has done a good job and tried to give her voice a new shape.

Boond Boond – Hate Story 4 Music Review

Every Hate Story has a couple of songs in which the makers can portray some sensual scenes between the leads and this is such first song of Hate Story 4. Sung by the super talented duo of Jubin Nautiyal and Neeti Mohan; the ordinary lyrics by Manoj Muntashir & Sanjay Gupta doesn’t do any justice to them. The backdrop of such songs is they’re just bearable in the movie and don’t have any shelf life in real time.

Tum Mere Ho – Hate Story 4 Music Review

Another song in the list of seductive songs but it surely has a better melody than Boond Boond. Thanks to Jubin’s magical touch, the song starts well but loses its charm halfway again because of okayish lyrics. Mithoon’s music also has a major part to play in making this a better track than the rest. Amrita Singh enters after 3 and a half minutes in the song but does a good job matching the mood set by Jubin.

Badnaamiyan – Hate Story 4 Music Review

Armaan Malik’s soothing voice generally makes an average song sound smooth. This isn’t the case here, same as an entire album this song too is the victim of penned-in-sleep lyrics. The words are just so average, you don’t feel to hum the song even if the tune is good. Sukriti Kakkar has a female version of the same which comparatively has a slow pace and sounds good in the first hearing.

Naam Hai Mera – Hate Story 4 Music Review

I can totally gauge Himesh Reshammiya’s reaction on recreating two of his best works in this album. Post Aashiq Banaya Aapne, makers asked Tanishk to recreate Naam Hai Tera. Thanks to Neeti Mohan, this is the song saved at least in one category – singing. Music is totally chaotic and loud, lyrics are yet again moulded resulting in some gibberish lines.

Mohabbat Nasha Hai – Hate Story 4 Music Review

Slowest song of all, I couldn’t sit throughout until the end. Though it starts promisingly given it’s a sad song but how just one song will have good lyrics when rest of them are already ruined by the words. The only thing I was impressed with this song is Neha’s versatility. You don’t expect a slow track from Neha as she has been crooning these disco tracks since long now. But Hate Story 4 has her in a very different avatar.

Last Word – Hate Story IV

Not an album you usually expect coming out of T-Series. Recreations are given with their name but even those fail in this album. The ONLY good thing about the album is Himesh Reshammiya’s retained voice.

Two Stars!





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