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Music Director: Soumik Sen

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Music Director Soumik Sen experiments with folk and serious Bollywood. Sen is also a part of the lyricists’ team and screenplay writers’ gang. The best way to describe the music of Gulaab Gang would be to say it’s loud yet not too flashy and close to the earth. Predominantly, the plot is centered on powerful women characters which get reflected in the vocals as well as background score. One must give special credits to the female voices, Malavika, Shilpa, Anupama, Snehalatha and Pavni for complimenting this tale of satellite revolution.

There are seven scores in the album, in all.

Madhuri Dixit in a still from movie 'Gulaab Gang'
Madhuri Dixit in a still from movie ‘Gulaab Gang’

Gulaabi – Gulaab Gang Music Review

Folk meets experimental classical and Gulaabi stands out in its essence. One of the most energetic numbers and paints an immediate lyrical image of the whole story. You might as well realize why a number like this compliments Madhuri Dixit – Nene and Juhi Chawla in their shoes for the characters. An eccentric merging of the Sarod and Guitar is the treat to keep an ear for.

Dheemi Dheemi Si – Gulaab Gang Music Review

This number has a folk touch to it that is definitely well placed. It’s a reminder of any Jana Natya Manch event and satirical in its character as far as lyrics are considered. This is not a song for all to cherish but for the ones with taste in folk, this is a fresh gust of sound.  Finally Bollywood moves out of experimenting with sufi and walks folk-ward.

Sharm Laaj – Gulaab Gang Music Review

Yet again, progressive folk and strumming comes together to blend in into this peppy lyrical composition. However, instead of being closer to the image of a gang of fearless women, it comes closer to any item number of present day Bollywood. Definitely not one of the best numbers in the album as it struggles too hard with the vocals, not the lyrics as much.

Aankhiyaan – Gulaab Gang Music Review

Beautifully composed, this number might not have been entrusted with outstanding lyrics, but is definitely one of the best voices in the album. This is a subtle song of hope and despair blending in with the plot of rural India yet as much fuelling the imagination of its urban listeners. We love the good old semi – classical experiment that compliments the number.

Rang Se Hui – Gulaab Gang Music Review

Dance, make merry and see the rural undertone basking in typical Hindi Film Music colours with this number. There is not really much to criticize or praise in this one as it does nothing outstanding, neither bad or good. It is just another song in a movie that tries to fit in as being both for the dance and for the hum and fails to do either.

Teri Jai Ho – Gulaab Gang Music Review

Soumik lends his voice to this number and we love the freshness of the lyrics, the subtlety yet concrete music and most importantly how this fits in with the release date of Gulaab Gang, which is the 7th and 8th being Women’s Day. Country and blues are the two primary genres being drawn from in this score. It has a very 1990s music intonation and if nothing else, the very spirit of the song works and if it is not stretching it too far, this might be one of the songs in this album that stays around for a while.

Rangi Saari Gulaabi – Gulaab Gang Music Review

Snehalata and Madhuri pitch in together to make this song a quiet yet powerful one that does manage to standout in the album. Yet again, it is on the lines of Bollywood adaptation to folk and with a lot of vocal experimentation going on, it manages to make a mark.

The Last Word – Gulaab Gang Music Review

You need to have watched the movie to actually get the crux of the numbers. However, as already said, it’s simply nice to have Bollywood take directions of folk and others instead of always cashing on sufi. It might not be a great album, but a few numbers are worth a few hearings.

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