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Versatility in music has found a new dimension with Amit Trivedi in Bollywood. Just the last week while critiquing Lootera’s music, I felt a clear vibe of S.D Burman’s melody style in Amit Trivedi’s music. Less than a week later, Ghanchakkar showed a more contemporary and popular style that Trivedi is capable of. The Amit Trivedi-Amitabh Bhattacharya duo can deliver multiplicity in subsequent albums so effortlessly that it is astonishing! The music of Ghanchakkar is braided with wit and humor, blending it with entertainment and relevance. The tracks though have a low retain value in public memory; the music is high on fun quotient!

Emraan Hashmi and Vidya Balan in a still from Ghanchakkar Movie
Emraan Hashmi and Vidya Balan in a still from Ghanchakkar Movie

Ghanchakkar Babu – Ghanchakkar Music Review

It is a misconception that Amit Trivedi is a brilliant music composer solely. With this song, he has lent his voice and the intoxicating quality of getting you hooked in the most unusual way possible. With peppy lyrics and entertaining beats, the song if to be encapsulated in one word is crazy! Try not to hunt for any substantial meaning or logic in its lyrics. The track is absolutely mindless, but the soundtrack in its mild rhythmic disco beats is definitely enjoyable.

The song also has a loud remix translation. Built by Aftab Khan and Tanuj Tikku, this one especially adds to the Indi-pop genre of work that has sunk in the last few years.

Lazy Lad – Ghanchakkar Music Review

A boisterous Punjabi lady at her best, Richa Sharma brilliant brings on notes the best of it! Lyrically packed with colloquial one line witty punches, it is Richa Sharma’s ability to bring in folksy eccentricity that works for this track.  This one is sure to catch attention, lest quoted by many women who find it unbearable to deal with their lazy spouses.

Allah Meherbaan – Ghanchakkar Music Review

Divya Kumar’s pop version of the qawali number is a work of ace hybridist tendencies of Trivedi. It fills you with delight to hear Kumar’s captivating voice that will draw some attention to the song’s lyrics!

Jholuraam- Ghanchakkar Music Review

I still remember laughing at Arjun Rampal’s bland facial expressions and Farhan’s vigor less singing of Altaf Raja’s ‘Tum Toh Thehre Pardesi’. Raja, who one attention seeking song later, got wiped off from popular charts is back into popular music scenario with Jholuram. However, lacking all the essential ingredients that Raja was known for, this song is rather flat both tune and persona wise. The music score is drawn smartly but the song itself has no distinct appeal.

The Last Word – Ghanchakkar Music Review

Overall, the album is above average. The value of music or art is not judge by its popularity but its freshness, and Trivedi and Bhattacharya yet again keep true to their creativity. Largely innovative yet quirky, this album won’t be an overwhelming musical hit. But it’s still a smartly crafted work that challenges the prevailing pre-set anecdotes of music. I assign the album a 3/5 for having a fresh aroma in it. Entertainment is all we need, and entertainment is all it gives!

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