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Music Director: Honey Singh, Prashant Vaidhyar, Santok Singh

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The music in the upcoming film Fugly is sheer fun, and not necessarily ugly. In fact, most of it does not smell stale at all. You might not fall in love with the horde of new musicians and rapper and the new group of playbacks, but you are surely going to sit back and listen to it twice.

Vijender Singh, Akshay Kumar, Kiara Advani, Salman Khan, Mohit Marwah and Arfi Lamba in a still from movie ‘Fugly’
Vijender Singh, Akshay Kumar, Kiara Advani, Salman Khan, Mohit Marwah and Arfi Lamba in a still from movie ‘Fugly’

Fugly Fugly Kya Hai: The Title Track – Fugly Music Review

Yo Yo Honey Singh takes the credits for all the three paradigms, music, lyrics and vocals. The track actually tries to introduce the daily city life, most probably Delhi, with all its nuances with a peppy twist so that you know you are listening to a flat bland track with hardly any intoned variations yet it could be moved to in a weekday lounge.

Dhup Chik – Fugly Music Review

Catch the native flavor in the beats of this song with the typically North Indian lyrics. Raftaar A.K.A Yash Makhija is to be credited with lyrics, music and vocals. And yes, lyrics need that special mention for the edge it adds to the number. You could move to the chorus as well as the amplified beats and practically anywhere, a disc to that wedding you had actually planned to miss.

Banjarey – Fugly Music Review

After Bhootnath Returns, this is that ‘different’ Honey Singh for you. It’s actually a subtle number and even with the heavy orchestration, it does not tend to remind you of a tedious techno and trance mix. The lyrics are a take on the life of youth in its insufferable anomie of urban-ness.

Good In Bed – Fugly Music Review

For once, take pride that a song challenges the hypocrisy of the hush hush over sexuality in the fundamentally ‘decent’ land of India. The music is innovative enough to make for a listen at least. You might not be able to call it groovy but the instrumentation holds well. Sunaina Sarkar, Rajiv Sundaresan and Prashant Vadhyar must be credited for the vocals. Prashant also composed music for the number whereas lyrics were penned by Niren Bhatt.

Dhuaan – Fugly Music Review

Arijit Singh’s vocals add the required enchantment to the number and the whole composition doesn’t try too hard to impress thus ends up being really impressive. Pawni Pandey and the entire chorus set up works well indeed. Arshia Nahid penned the lyrics and Vadhyar provided music for this composition. For genre, progressive rock has been experimented with in this number.

G Pe Danda – Fugly Music Review

For the ones aware of the vocabulary being referred to, welcome to the Northern Indian way of expressing all that ‘screwed up’ sentiments. Neo-pop genre and contemporary Bollywood fuses to form the music. Sumit Arora penned the lyrics for this number and Vadhyar composed music. Prashant Vadhyar and Pawni Pandey, alongside Aman Trikha sang the song.

Lovely Jind Wali – Fugly Music Review

Sung by Pawni Pandey, Santokh Singh and Prashant Vadhyar, this is the item number of the album. You could dance to this or simply ridicule the absolute lack of innovation or aesthetics as far as music or intonations are concerned. Niren Bhatt and Rajveer Ahuja penned the number while Vadhyar provided the music.

The Last Word – Fugly Music Review

Parshant Vadhyar alongside Honey Singh try an extent of innovation to pump up the album and for the larger part, it works too. The most impressive aspect of the album is that for the most part, it tries to effortlessly entertain. That is quite a fresh addition to the present Hindi Film music scenario.

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