El Camino is THE sequel Breaking Bad deserves. It starts from the point where the series ends. For the uninitiated, Breaking Bad is a story Walter White, a chemistry professor, played by Bryan Cranston and his uprising as the Meth king. Due to his cancer and the quest to earn money so that his family has enough money, he ventures in the illicit business of cooking meth. He finds his partner in his former student named Jesse Pinkman, played by Aaron Paul. The series is about the rise and fall of Walt and Jesse and how the circumstances lead them towards their own destruction.

El Camino commences from the point when Jesse Pinkman escapes with Walt’s help after being imprisoned by the Neo-nazis in the series. While Walt kills himself, Jesse is seeing fleeing using the car that’s the title of this Netflix film. Vince Gilligan couldn’t have given a better sequel and the best closure to all the questions BB fans had in their minds.

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie Review: Jesse Pinkman AKA Aaron Paul's Journey Of Run For His Life Is The Sequel We Deserve
El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie Review: Jesse Pinkman’s Journey Of Run For His Life Is The Spin-Off We Deserve

In the film, it isn’t easy for Jesse Pinkman to figure out what to do as the Albuquerque police starts a search operation on him. With a lot of confusion and distress, he visits his friends Badger (Matthew Lee Jones) and Skinny Pete (played by Charles Baker). While they are astounded to see him alive and in a disastrous state, they help him out without asking a question.

From that point, we are taken on a journey we weren’t mentally and emotionally prepared. With flashbacks of the time he was kidnapped by the Neo-nazis to his current state to making sure he gets himself out of the mess, we are left at the edge of the seat. There are moments in the movie that will leave you surprised, emotional and nostalgic.

In this 2-hour Netflix film, Vince has covered a lot of aspects of Jesse’s character – guilt, fear, aggression and the desperateness to start anew. But this time, Jesse Pinkman knows what he wants and hence, he’s fearless. His character development takes off gradually as the story proceeds further.

Vince Gilligan’s screenplay is crisp and tight and he won’t waste your time in unnecessary twists. When a series is a blockbuster, one has to be very careful as the audience expects you to deliver the BEST. Yet, Vince took the risk of non-linear storytelling but nailed it and how! Coming to the cinematography, hats off to Marshall Adams. He captured some long and aerial shots wondrously and keeping in mind the aesthetics of the series. Some scenes are quite grandeur in appearance that you wish you were watching the film on the 70-mm screen.

Overall, El Camino is the sequel to the series Breaking Bad and all the fans deserve. The bittersweet ending that’s albeit content is the closure Jesse Pinkman and his fans deserved. Aaron Paul is phenomenal with expressing so many disturbing emotions with such conviction. He makes us feel sympathized towards him, with every threat that comes his way, we clench your fist praying that nothing happens to him.

El Camino makes us want more because good stories are never enough!


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