Entertainment Ki Raat fame Balraj is one of the most known faces in the field of comedy. His comic timing and spontaneous one liners are just on-point. In a very short span of period, Balraj has successfully managed to establish himself in this industry.

His show Entertainment Ki Raat is doing really well and top Bollywood celebrities enjoy watching his acts on the show. Recently, KoiMoi.com got in touch with the man himself for an interview. Balraj candidly spoke about his inspiration, Sunil Pal’s statement on stand-up comedy, Salman Khan and much more!

Excerpts from the interview:

Balraj Exclusive Interview: People Think Salman Khan Doesn't Laugh But It Is A Misconception
Balraj Exclusive Interview: People Think Salman Khan Doesn’t Laugh But It Is A Misconception

1. You are known for your spontaneous one liners, which comedians you draw your inspiration from?

A. Very less people know about it, that stand-up comedian Rajeev Thakur is very close to me. He’s been my guide, he’s been my friend and brother, support system…everything! He’s the real reason behind my successful career. I have learnt a lot from him and his work. He has always been my inspiration. He himself is a stand-up comedian and I have also performed with him too. The way he puts efforts, it is really inspiring. Kapil Sharma, Bharti Singh and Krushna Abhishek everyone is undoubtedly so talented.

2. Recently, a veteran comedian like Sunil Pal expressed his disbelief about the stand-up comedy scenario in India, are you with him or you’ve a different stance about it?

A. I feel that everybody has their own point of view. Sunil Pal is a legend in himself who was the first laughter champion. After him, people started respecting comedy and comedians. With time, things change and likes-dislikes of the audience also changes. Ever since, the revolution of digital media has boomed, every stand-up comedian has got a platform. They are not dependent on TV channels anymore. So everyone has their own freedom about what they want to show to their audience. This is what I feel. It is our duty to watch good content. So I am neither in support nor against of anyone.

3. You’ve starred in Punjabi movies and even written some of them, what’s the plan for Bollywood?

A. Nothing. I am waiting for Karan Johar sir to call me, so that I can disconnect the call and reply him back saying that I will call you back (laughs). Actually there are no plans as such. I am working in a TV Show, celebs grace the show and I talk to them, interview them. But if I get any offer from Bollywood, I will surely take up. I won’t say no ever (laughs).

4. Recently, Salman Khan was impressed by your comic timing on Bigg Boss and it’s not easy to make such a huge superstar laugh out easily, what do you think of this achievement?

A. I think I am blessed. That’s the one thing which gets the best out of me. When I performed for the first time in front of Salman Khan, I was nervous. But I was more nervous when I performed for the second time in front of him. It is because people then start expecting a lot from you. People think that Salman doesn’t laugh but it is a misconception. He laughs a lot! The only thing is that the content should be good. It’s a huge achievement in itself when you go on the sets of Bigg Boss for 5 times and interact with him. I don’t have words to explain.

5. What’s next after Entertainment Ki Raat and BCL? What kind of shows are you looking out to be a part of?

A. We have wrapped up the first season of Entertainment Ki Raat, BCL is going on. We are prepping up for 2nd season of Entertainment Ki Raat. I would like to be a part of any show where I can entertain people.

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