It is no new that every Eid occasion, Shah Rukh Khan is one man who jumps, hops and climbs up the monumental Mannat gates to greet all his fans. This time also, he did the same thing. As usual, on Bakri Eid, Shah dressed in his casual navy blue tee and denims, climbed up the gates and waved at the wavering fans who stood witness to the spectacular show, a kind of simmering energy that Khan put into the minds of all during the festive Eid occasion.

Little did Shah Rukh notice that amidst all the hulaaboo and the shor-sharaba, the Mannat staff had gathered at the balcony to witness the huge crowd and the euphoria surrounding their favourite star. He waved, did the adaab and blew kisses all around but while he was doing so, one clever photographer quickly zoomed to the Mannat balcony where he spotted a nanny feeding a toddler in her arms.

SRK’s Son AbRam Caught In Camera
SRK’s Son AbRam Caught In Camera

Right after Shah Rukh climbed down and the crowd was on its way back, two nurses were seen standing at the balcony while the other one carrying a toddler did not venture out to the balcony but was definitely in the photographic arena. Going by the picture which was clicked at the right moment, it looks as if this would be AbRam’s first picture for the onlookers and the media, as the baby being bottlefed could have been no one else but AbRam, the little wonder who was welcomed by the Khan family this May! Without any denial, AbRam looked tiny-ly cute in his red diapers. That was all that was visible and the picture serves for the thirst more than enough.

AbRam, born on May 27, was under intensive care due to pre-mature birth concerns and was spending quality time with his family under strict supervision until this one grave mistake was made by one of the nannies. Nevertheless, while Shah Rukh is the true Emperor of sorts, the little bundle of joy AbRam is definitely our crowned prince for the time being.

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