Ever since the time the extremely hard hitting promos of the most awaited gangster drama Daddy got released, it has been making news for all the right reasons. The film, which is about the sensational journey of a man ‘hailing’ from the rough streets and back alleys of Central Mumbai to the time he scripts his own destiny… only to become one of India’s most feared and dreaded gangsters, Daddy is a film, which will show it all.


The makers of the film are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that the curiosity about the film remains intact. That’s why, at regular intervals, the film’s makers have been releasing a handful of hard hitting dialogue promos, which, surely have increased the excitement about the film amongst the cinegoers.

OMG! This is WHAT happened when ‘Daddy’ met the dreaded gangster Ashok Joshi!
OMG! This is WHAT happened when ‘Daddy’ met the dreaded gangster Ashok Joshi!

The latest dialogue promo which the film’s makers have released is “Yeh Dono Mere Khaas Hai”. These words are told by the onscreen gangster Ashok Joshi to ‘Daddy’ aka ‘Arun Gawli, on whom the film is based. The said video has Ashok Joshi pointing out to two of his henchmen viz., Sada and Newman and their respective backgrounds.

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For the uninitiated, the Ashim Ahluwalia directed Daddy mirrors the intertwined fates of the world-weary Arun Gawli and his attempts to enter the world of politics and a frustrated Police inspector with a secret history of his own. As the film unfolds, the viewers will get to see the unfolding of an age-old jigsaw puzzle, presented from various points-of-view and spanning over four decades. In a nutshell, the Arjun Rampal starrer Daddy happens to be an unforgettable excursion into the Mumbai underworld.

Besides Arjun Rampal, Daddy also stars the beautiful Aishawarya Rajesh, who is a big name down south, esp. in the Tamil film industry.




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