Come June, PVR Director’s Rare is all set to showcase debutant director Pawan K Shrivastava’s independent film, Naya Pata. Releasing on June 27, 2014, Naya Pata is a crowd-funded film from Bihar and about the story of a migrant and the effects of his living situation has on him and his identity.

Naya Pata is about a man’s struggle to re-establish his lost identity. Set in the late 1980s, the film follows Ram Swarath Dubey, the protagonist, who has been rendered jobless by the shutting down of the sugar industry in Bihar. Having no other option, Ram migrates to New Delhi in search of livelihood, leaving behind his family and young wife. As the years pass by, Ram senses alienation from both the worlds that he inhabits as he can never go back to his native Bihar for a long time and when in the city, he feels even more wrong footed. After 30 years of living with this inner turmoil, Ram decides to return to his roots, once and for all; with the hope that going back home would turn out to be the answer to his loneliness and anxiety. However, things are not as he envisioned when he returns and this is when actual weight of his identity crisis falls onto him.

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The movie stars theatre actors Abhishek Sharma and Yashwardhan Singh, who both play the protagonist in different stages of life. Also starring in the film are Shaad Ahmed and Julie Warsi in supporting roles.

Naya Pata Movie Poster
Naya Pata Movie Poster

Naya Pata is all set to release on June 27, 2014 under PVR Director’s Rare banner in select cities across the country.

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