Muddy Teaser & All That We Expect From The Film
Still From Muddy Teaser Directed by Dr Pragabhal(Pic Credit: Youtube/
PK7 Creations)

South cinema has been one of the most experimental ones amid the many industries India comprises of. The most recent example that made it to our screens and we were left spellbound was the teaser of Muddy. A labour of love that has been in the making for a better part of 5 years, yes you read that right, 5 long years. The authenticity in the teaser has proved the same, and we are already too excited for the same.

While we watch the Muddy teaser for the umpteenth time today, there is a lot unravel and explore. Today at Koimoi we list down what we expect from the film that will only hit theatres soon. Read on and also let us know if we are on the same boat.


A New Sport


Out of all the sports that we have seen on the big screen, Mud Racing is certainly not the one that we have focused on. As per reports, writer-director Dr Pragabhal has extensively researched the sport that involves participants to drive in mud pits which is a task in itself. The name Muddy is also derived from the same.

Terrific Cinematography

Muddy is majorly shot in real locations, and if the teaser is to go by, the car chase and race sequences are also shot for real. The film is a test of DOP KG Ratheesh’s calibre, and with what we have seen, he is successful with flying colours, or cars we must say. The fast pace car shot, the bird view shots, even the ones that involved hand to hand combat, the vibe is a killer, and cinematography is definitely the best weapon in the film.

Unique Background Music

I know it is a risky statement to make but, the music in the opening montage in the Muddy teaser reminded me of Jallikattu, and we all know how much of a gem the BGM there was. Pumping your adrenaline to the tee, the BGM in the very short teaser can even be heard without a video just to activate your senses. We hope the film has to offer a lot more. Ravi Basrur has a huge responsibility, and he is already acing it.

Gut-Wrenching Action

If you have seen the trailer, you know what we are talking about. Muddy is an out and out robust drama that takes place in a landscape that is as violent as it can be. We even see three glimpses of various fights and one on one combat that we are about the witness. Not to forget the shot attached above; isn’t that enough to create curiosity?

Tell us how much did you like the Muddy teaser? Let us know in the comments section below.

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