Introducing Parduman Shahpuri the irrepressible defense lawyer of Kuldip Patwal flamboyant, fearless and in all his glory.

The character is sure to steal a scene or two. It plays to the gallery with in-your-face attitude and forthright honesty, it seems.

Watch the video here:

Kuldip Patwal: I didn't do it! -- The defense lawyer Parduman Shahpuri
Kuldip Patwal: I didn’t do it!- Meet The Defense Lawyer Parduman Shahpuri

We’re told he brings up the issues of ‘service charge’ in restaurants, fights for the farmers’ rights and is supposedly a ‘champion of the poor’ in the film.

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And, of course, he fights to defend ‘Kuldip Patwal’ (Deepak Dobriyal in the titular role) who’s charged with the murder of the Chief Minister played by Parvin Dabas.

Looks wickedly interesting. Won’t be surprised if “Parduman Shahpuri’ becomes a movie in itself! Take a look at the brilliant clip from the film.

Kuldip Patwal: I didn’t do it! is releasing in the UK on 18th August under the banner of Rectangle Media. It’s produced and directed by Remy Kohli.

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  1. Gulshan is a very good actor. His character looks so different from hunterr! When’s the release in India?

  2. 😮Seems a good film! All good actors like Deepak Dobriyal and Gulshan Devaiah. Well done guys. All the best!!!


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