How I Met Your Mother's Stella Sarah Chalke Backs The Controversial Ending & REVEALS The Online Hatred She's Still Facing
How I Met Your Mother: Stella Sarah Chalke Backs The Controversial Ending & REVEALS The Online Hatred She’s Still Facing

Just before Josh Radnor’s Ted met the ‘mother’ in How I Met Your Mother’s last season, Sarah Chalke’s Stella probably came the closest to be one. Everyone thought the makers would play around her character to reveal in the end that she’s the mother Ted has been telling stories about to his kids.

But, Stella left Ted at the altar and everything changed. The wait for mother extended and too many girls came in Ted’s life to increase the confusion. But, Ted’s equation with Cobie Smulders’ Robin is what the show was all about.



Sarah Chalke who played Stella talks about how even 12 years later she still gets slammed for her character’s ‘harsh’ decision of leaving Ted at the altar. In a conversation with, Sarah revealed, “I still get people to get so mad at me for leaving Ted at the altar on social media, and sometimes in the street! People are mad about the ending of the show, she added. ‘I did not know that! I thought the ending was great.”

The How I Met Your Mother actor also revealed that she was hired for just one episode, “Despite the unexpected backlash, Sarah loved every minute of her time on the show, especially considering she was only meant to appear in one episode.”

She continued, “Her appearance was such a success that the writers then brought her back, and for a large period of time, was even set up to be ‘The Mother’ should the show be cancelled around the season four mark.”

She also revealed how she landed How I Met Your Mother, “I was doing Scrubs at the time,’ she explained. ‘We were supposed to be starting our next season of Scrubs the following week. So I had this one week off before we started, so I went and did Stella and then they said can we actually extend this and do more? Luckily, my boss at Scrubs was very generous to say, ‘yes, we can make it work. We’ll just have to kind of schedule it creatively’.”

“I would go to How I Met Your Mother at about 5 am for hair and makeup, and then shoot there for about five hours and then I would drive to Scrubs and shoot there till about midnight. It was a busy time and did not involve a lot of sleep. But it was so worth it and I had the best time,” Sarah concluded the above conversation.

We didn’t see Sarah’s Stella with much of screen-space post season-four. She had glimpses towards the concluding seasons. But, till date, the two-minute date sequence including Stella and Ted remains one of the most beautiful sequences of How I Met Your Mother.

We now are seeing Sarah playing the role of Beth in Rick and Morty.

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