Money Heist Season 4 aka La Casa de Papel is receiving rave reviews from the fans all over the world. The fourth season came out last week on Netflix and fans are blown away with the twists and turns in it. The return of The Professor and his gang was indeed a reason for joy amid the current crisis and lockdown the world is dealing with.


Fans who watch Money Heist love everything about the show. It has intense drama, action, love, suspense and mainly the amazing heists. But do you know everything about La Casa de Papel?

Did You Know Money Heist Was Almost A Flop Show? Check Out More Such Interesting Facts About La Casa De Papel!
Did You Know Money Heist Was Almost A Flop Show? Check Out More Such Interesting Facts About La Casa De Papel!

Check out these facts about the heist drama that will shock you for sure:

1. The series wasn’t Netflix original. It was a Spanish TV drama and the first season aired in May 2017. It received good reviews and it opened to approx. 4 million viewers watching it. But as the season approached its finale episode, the ratings dropped drastically. La Casa de Papel was almost termed as a failed show. However, its fate changed completely when Netflix streamed the show in December. Today, it is one of the best series on the digital platform.


2. Bella Ciao has become the official anthem of the show. However, the makers had to crack their brains a lot to pick up the best song that the viewers would love. Show’s screenwriter and executive producer Javier Gómez Santander once shared that they all went out of idea on which song should be used in MH. He then went to his go-to “hype music” and came across Bella Ciao. As the song had an anthemic feel, he decided to use it in the show. Another interesting reason is this song was used by Italian Partisans against the fascist leaders during World War 2. In the show, Professor often says their heist idea revolves around resistance and Bella Ciao was sung for the same purpose during WW2.

3. When we watch the show, we are astounded to see how brilliantly they’ve shot many tough scenes. But the toughest scenes for the cast were – Scuba diving in the gold vault and money shower scene. Denver (Jaime Lorente) had to scuba dive into Bank of Spain’s gold vault that is filled with water. This was shot in a large swimming pool. But the gold bricks were made of foam and they kept floating during the shoot. Another trouble was that gold bricks kept falling because of the water pressure. The scene looks so effortless and perfect, we never thought of the challenges behind it.

Coming to the money shower scene, the Professor uses a blimp to drop money from the sky at central Madrid. However, the weather used to keep changing that affected the wind directions. So they have to shot it multiple times to get it right.

4. Just like Bella Ciao, the Salvador Dali mask has become one of the biggest identities of the show. The Professor’s gang enters the Royal Mint of Spain and Bank of Spain using these masks. Salvador Dali’s work during Zurich’s Dad movement was more about rejecting modern capitalist society and was used for resistance. The colour red represents liberties and freedom during the French revolution in the 1700s and in Cuba during the 1950s. This is the same ideology of Professor and hence, he conducts the heist.

5. In Money Heist, we see the Professor is 10 steps ahead of everyone. Everything good or bad that happens is a part of his plan. However, that’s not the case with filming the show. The makers don’t have the script ready in hand. The script is written in parallel during the shooting of La Casa de Papel.

Aren’t these facts interesting?

Have you watched the latest season? Let us know your thoughts on it in the comments below.

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