Hina Rehman is married to Jatin but she sleeps around with his friends. She is contemplating divorce. Meanwhile, Jatin marries Monalisa. Read the entire review of www.Sheetal Bhabhi.com for more.

www.Sheetal Bhabhi.com Review (www.Sheetal Bhabhi.com Movie Stills)Business rating: 0.5/5 star

Cast: Jatin Grewal, Hina Rehman, Monalisa, Shakti Kapoor.

What’s Good: Nothing except the sex scenes which will be liked by the front-benchers only.

What’s Bad: The story and the screenplay; the performances of the cast members.

Verdict: www.Sheetal Bhabhi.com is a dull show and will find some favour among the front-benchers only.

Loo break: Any time!

Watch or Not?: Watch it if you enjoy sex films.

Super Fine Pictures’ www.Sheetal Bhabhi.com (A) is a sleazy film, inspired by the now banned website, savitabhabhi.com. Aakash (Jatin Grewal) is married to Sheetal (Hina Rehman) but she seems to be having a rollicking time with his friends viz. Vasu (Vikaas Kalantri), Sabkuchh (Sikander), Gaurav (Rocky) and P.K. Lele (Shakti Kapoor). In return for offering herself in bed to the four friends, Sheetal Bhabhi asks each of them to shell out a few lakh of rupees so that she can buy a house for herself as she wants to divorce Aakash. The friends oblige because each one thinks, he would have fun with Sheetal in the new house. Before this, Aakash gets married to another girl (Monalisa) who, incidentally, sustains severe head injuries one day.

What is the truth about Aakash and his two wives? Does Sheetal actually walk out on Aakash? The latter part of the film answers these and other questions.

www.Sheetal Bhabhi.com Review – Script Analysis

Yunus Sajawal’s script is an apology of it. Scenes have been written with the intention of titillating the masses but that happens only sparingly. Although the inspiration of the film is the pornographic website, it is very unlikely that the Internet-surfing audience would care to watch the film. For the others who don’t know about the website, the title has no significant value.

Logic takes a complete back-seat for the writer who seems to have incorporated scenes merely with the intention to show sex on the screen. Of course, the censors have edited out a great deal

www.Sheetal Bhabhi.com Review – Performances & Direction

Performances range from the average to the pathetic. Jatin Grewal is ordinary. Hina Rehman is average. Monalisa is okay. Shakti Kapoor tries to be funny. Vikaas Kalantri passes muster. Sikander is loud. Rocky is dull. Upasna Singh is earnest as Dia, wife of P.K. Lele. Komila Virk fills the bill. Mushtaq Khan is like fish out of water.

C.M. Jain’s direction is dull. Music (Gunwant Sharma) is of the kind which holds appeal for the front-benchers. Shyam Dehati’s lyrics are okay. Camerawork and other technical values are truly average.

www.Sheetal Bhabhi.com Review – Verdict

On the whole, www.Sheetal Bhabhi.com is a poor fare which will work a bit among the masses.



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