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Star cast: Deepal Shaw, Akshay Singh, Kranti Jha, Chetan Pandit, Nirmal Pandey, Abhijit Lahiri, Pankaj Berry, Jyoti Joshi.

Plot: Deepal Shaw, a computer software expert, finds herself on the wrong side of law in Bangkok. She is under the impression that she is working for an IT company as a software developer but the truth is that her employers are Internet criminals who want to hack into bank accounts of rich people with her assistance, and transfer their funds for terrorist activities.

What’s Good: Deepal Shaw’s performance; the twists and turns in the drama.

What’s Bad: The lack of face value; the convenient points in the script; the poor promotion.

Verdict: Vikalp may be an interesting film but it will not do anything at the box-office because of the horrifyingly poor start on the one hand and the absence of face value on the other.

Loo break: Not really.

To Watch or Not? If you are a connoisseur of good cinema, venture into a cinema hall screening the film.

Vikalp Review By Komal Nahta (Vikalp Movie Still)

Madhav Movies and Onkar Entertainment’s Vikalp (UA) is the story of Rishika Gandhi (Deepal Shaw), a low-on-self-esteem, middle-class Maharashtrian orphan who has studied in a Marathi medium school. She is a genius at computer software development and lands up a job in an IT company in Bombay. Due to no fault of hers, she is insulted by her boss, Mr. Bose (Abhijit Lahiri), and, therefore, resigns. Her immediate boss (Pankaj Berry) arranges another job for her in an IT company in Bangkok. Rishika is more than willing to take up the overseas assignment not just because she has no job in India but also because her boyfriend (Akshay Singh) walks out on her due to parental pressure.

In Bangkok, Rishika joins the IT company and works as a software developer. Her work permit comes in the name of an earlier employee but her boss (Chetan Pandit) assures her that the lapse, due to a fault by the Thai-speaking liaison man (Abhay Joshi), would be rectified very soon for which her passport is given to the authorities. After working for some months, Rishika realises to her horror that the company was one of Internet criminals and that she was being used as a hacker in the name of software developer. She is also horrified to learn that using her expertise, her boss had hacked into the bank accounts of rich people and was to transfer the funds to finance terrorist activities.

Vikalp Review By Komal Nahta (Vikalp Movie Wallpaper)

Rishika’s attempts to alert the authorities meet with failure because she is unable to break the web of deceit in which she has landed. Her roommate from India (Jyoti Joshi) comes to Bangkok and so does her boyfriend but are they able to help? She also has a local friend in Bangkok who calls himself Soham (Kranti Jha) and who speaks Hindi and Thai. Is he of any help? Who is he actually?


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