Script and Screenplay
Heavily inspired by the Hollywood film, After The Fox, this one is completely farcical and over the top. Shirish Kunder’s story doesn’t boast of originality because there is too much similarity between Tees Maar Khan and After The Fox. Ashmit Kunder and Shirish Kunder’s screenplay is an assemblage of gags, some of which are funny, some hilarious and some others dull. Logic doesn’t have any place in this drama, and this point becomes evident quite soon. The characters in the film speak so loudly that it often gets on the audience’s nerves.

As the main plot of the film is about the train robbery and that, too, is farcical, the audience does get irritated when it goes on and on. That is to say, the second half of the film bores at several places because it crosses all limits of madness. However, to be fair to the writers, they have added some funny scenes intermittently, which serve to evoke laughter. Prominent among these are Anya’s dumb bimbette act, the scene referring to Aamir Khan’s telephone call to Tees Maar Khan, the use of Manoj Kumar’s Mere desh ki dharti song while the train is being robbed etc. Here, it must be added that references to personalities like Steven Spielberg and Manoj Night Shyamalan will evoke laughter from the class audience whereas a large chunk among the masses would not even get the joke. There are several other subtle jokes which will be lost on the masses. So, it would be a queer thing – the classes would disapprove of the loud and often crazy drama but the jokes would hold appeal for them; on the other hand, the masses may be more receptive to the loud and often crude drama but they would not be able to comprehend several jokes.

Katrina Kaif (Tees Maar Khan Movie Still)

Another drawback of the drama is that everyone is super-charged and super-energetic in the film, whether it is Tees Maar Khan, his cronies, his mother, the police, the CBI officers hot on his trail, actor Atish Kapoor, the inhabitants of Dhule, the Johri brothers etc. All of them speak loudly and very animatedly and they can become dumb whenever necessary for the scene.

The climax is very tame. Actually, the train robbery sequence seems like the climax, and everything thereafter (which comprises the climax including inhabitants of Dhule watching Tees Maar Khan’s film; your Editor, Komal Nahta, commenting on Tees Maar Khan’s film; courtroom drama; Tees Maar Khan confronting the Johri brothers) looks unnecessary. The scenes mentioned in parentheses need to be deleted. Dialogues (by Shirish Kunder and Ashmit Kunder) are witty at several places.

Star Performances
Akshay Kumar does well in the title role. He gets into the skin of the character but, unfortunately, it doesn’t offer him scope to do too many different things. Still, he is in his element. Katrina Kaif, looking hot and sexy, does a fantastic job. She plays starlet Anya wonderfully and makes people laugh with her vanity. Her dance on the Sheela ki jawani song is out of the world and it is hard to believe that Katrina can dance so gracefully and so very energetically. Akshaye Khanna overacts beautifully, as is the demand of his character. He is superb. However, it must be added that there will be a section of the audience which will be put off by his overacting. Sudhir Pandey is excellent as Atish Kapoor’s secretary. Arya Babbar is quite good. Apra Mehta does a fair job. Murli Sharma and Aman Verma’s comedy is hardly funny. Ali Asgar is splendid. Dharampal and Vijay Maurya lend decent support. Sachin Khedekar does a fair job. Vijay Patkar tries to be funny but barely succeeds. Raghu Ram and Rajiv Laxman fill the bill. Salman Khan makes his presence splendidly felt in the Wallah re wallah song-dance. Anil Kapoor lends star value in a special appearance. Avtar Gill, Anjan Srivastava, Shashi Kiran and Chunkey Panday (special appearance) pass muster. Sanjay Dutt’s commentary adds to the drama.




    • This is movie is just ‘ok ok’..kyonki as u all know, it doesn’t have any story at all…and moreover Akshay tells the plan to loot the train initially itslef,so there is no suspense at all…all the characters and scenes are shot dramatically,no ‘acting’ at all…moreover ‘Tees maar khaan’ ne ek plane ka cockpit kholne ka hi ‘kash’t kiya hai…aur koi tijori bhi nahi kholi which will make us ‘impressed’..Only watchable part in this movie is ‘Sheila ki jawaani’ song. First half is bearable,lekin 2nd half is ‘unbearable’,Rest all is bakwaas,waste of time and money ! Farah is very courageous to make a film like this,that too without a stoy, simply some ‘masalaas’ ..I would rate it as 2/5

  1. komal sir,u had given 2 stars to such a ridiculous movie and 1.5 to movie like people! wat u thnk is it the right place for mr komal.
    aur likhte hain
    like-sheela ki jawani,some comic scene
    bhaiya sheila ki jawani ke lie 2 star.
    my foot isse accha to me likh leta
    ek suggestion hai……leave this work.u are too old for this.

    • Hi Mayank

      The stars are business ratings. And these Business ratings are never wrong.These are BO meter on business.
      Whats good, whats bad is given in all movie.
      Watch or not also given.
      Guzaarish had 1.5 business ratings and u also know how Guzarrish fared at BO.Guzaarish also had Whats good para.

    • hi mayank u r nt supposed 2 say such things abt komalsir…he is oo gud in his business n i adise 2 u 1st b clr abt wt u r saying…on 1 hand u r rating d flm as rediculous n on the other u r pointing out that komal sir hs gvn 2 str is nt fare…u r just nothing in front of him

      • hi!if guzaarish has got 1.5 then tmk should get 0.m clr in my view dear and as far as kamal sir concern i respect him thats y writing him.
        and brother listen!m a student and perfect in my could u judge me.


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