Three brothers – Om Puri, Shreyas Talpade and Deepak Dobriyal – have to fulfil certain conditions as per their grandfather’s will, before they can stake claim on the property left by him. Find out more in the Teen Thay Bhai review.

Business Rating: 0.5 star

Star cast: Om Puri, Shreyas Talpade, Deepak Dobriyal.

What’s Good: A couple of songs; a few comic scenes.

What’s Bad: The feeble comedy; the TV serial-like drama.

Verdict: Teen Thay Bhai will bomb at the box-office.

Loo break: Any time, any number of times.

Watch or Not? If you have time to spare.

Teen Thay Bhai Review (Shreyas Talpade Teen Thay Bhai Movie Stills Wallpaper)
Shreyas Talpade Teen Thay Bhai Movie Stills Wallpaper

PVR Pictures Ltd. and Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra Pictures’ 3 Thay Bhai (UA) is the story of three brothers whose grandfather dies, leaving behind property worth crores of rupees, which they can inherit subject to some conditions.

Chiksi Gill (Om Puri), Happy Gill (Deepak Dobriyal) and Fancy Gill (Shreyas Talpade) are three brothers whose grandfather dies one day. His will states that the three brothers could inherit his property worth crores of rupees but only after three years and provided they stay together for an entire day each year on his death anniversary in his bungalow. The three brothers can’t see eye to eye and almost sacrifice their claim to the property at the prospect of having to stay together. Better sense prevails and they agree to fulfil the condition in the will.

Chiksi Gill has a tiny shop in Punjab and his wife is frustrated because she had got married to him thinking that he was a businessman, which is what he had claimed to be. They have three fat daughters and are trying hard to find a match for the eldest one who is also the fattest. But no boy is willing to marry her because of her weight. The wife feels, she could’ve got a suitable husband had Chiksi Gill had enough money to give in dowry.

Happy Gill is a dentist whom patients keep cursing. He was in love with Gurleen (Ragini Khanna) since childhood and blames Fancy for not being able to marry her. Since she used to iron people’s clothes for money, Happy Gill also wishes to one day start a laundry.

Fancy Gill is a struggling film actor in the Punjabi film industry and he dreams of making it big in Hollywood, no less! He speaks correct Hindi but broken English.

Teen Thay Bhai Review (Om Puri Teen Thay Bhai Movie Stills Wallpaper)
Om Puri Teen Thay Bhai Movie Stills Wallpaper

The film begins with the three brothers braving heavy snowfall to reach the ancestral bungalow atop a hill in Himachal when all the inhabitants are coming down to escape the snowfall. The Gill brothers have to stay together the next day which is the third and last time they’d be staying together after their grandpa’s demise. What happens once they reach the house is what the drama is all about.

Story and Screenplay – Teen Thay Bhai Review

First things first. Although the film is designed as a comedy, the jokes and anecdotes are either too forced or far from funny because of which the humour doesn’t come across. As if this weren’t bad enough, the effort of the writers and director to make the audience laugh is so obviously visible that it irritates. The writers, in a bid to be funny, even take recourse to toilet humour which leaves a really bad taste in the mouth.

While the pace of the comic drama ought to have been fast, the film actually moves at a leisurely speed, making it even more boring. Scenes are often so lengthy that the humour element is lost. The interval point when a new character is introduced, is anything but interesting. The entire track of the foreigners putting the Gill brothers in a fix looks forced and seems to have been added because the writers ran out of ideas. The track of the three brothers’ arrest is equally dull. Even the change of heart of the brothers looks like a very convenient twist in the tale just like the track of the intruder in the bungalow does.

The climax, designed as a nail-biting one, is far from it. Moreover, it is not even funny.

All in all, the story line may be nice but the story, penned by Gautam Mehra and Mehul Suri, is truly childish. Equally kiddish and also disjointed is the screenplay written by Gautam Mehra, Mehul Suri and Mrighdeep Singh Lamba. Dialogues are funny at places but their impact is greatly diluted because the scenes are so shabby and often silly too. Fancy’s use of English words and sentences is, perhaps, the most enjoyable part of the film.

Teen Thay Bhai Review (Deepak Dobriyal Teen Thay Bhai Movie Stills Wallpaper)
Deepak Dobriyal Teen Thay Bhai Movie Stills Wallpaper

Star Performances – Teen Thay Bhai Review

Om Puri acts with effortless ease. Shreyas Talpade is earnest and sincere. Deepak Dobriyal performs very ably. Ragini Khanna gets very little scope and is alright. Yograj Singh passes muster as Dadaji. The rest of the cast provides support that ranges from average to fair.

Direction, Music and Editing – Teen Thay Bhai Review

Mrighdeep Singh Lamba’s debut at direction is far from impressive. His narration is so laboured that one has to make an effort to laugh at the comedy. Music (Sukhwinder Singh, Ranjit Barot and Rajat Dholakia) is quite nice. The Chakkar chakkar song, composed by Sukhwinder Singh, is the best number. Main chalna bhool gaya (music by Ranjit Barot and Sukhwinder Singh) is also fairly good. Gulzar’s lyrics are appealing. Ashok Mehta’s camerawork is good. Editing should’ve been far crisper. Production values are ordinary.

The Last Word
On the whole, 3 Thay Bhai is a weak fare which will go down in box-office history as a non-starter.

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