Star Trek Into Darkness Movie Poster
Star Trek Into Darkness Movie Poster

Rating: 3/5 stars (Three Stars)

Star cast: Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Benedict Cumberbatch, Zoe Saldana and Karl Urban

What’s Good: The brand name of the franchise associates with itself inexplicable grandeur and luster, which is luckily retained in this edition too.

What’s Bad: A tediously prolonged climax with too many hiccups spoil the film’s overall feel.

Loo break: None

Watch or Not?: J.J Abram’s Star Trek is a delicately ingenious product from its franchise that strictly holds its grounds on entertaining its audiences. A mellowed successor of its 2009 film, it still manages win over focus on itself by virtue of some rare performances from its cast and the prevailing unfathomable energy for most part. The climax somehow punctures the heightened anticipation, which is disappointing. Yet, overall Star Trek will always evoke viewership for its endearing ensemble fitted in an enigmatic concept.

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Harping on moral issues of friendship and duty, the movie kick starts ominously with Spock suffering a death scare! In an attempt to save Spock, Kirk endangers his position, forgetting the postulates of his duty. Suffering the brunt for his rash behavior Spock is demoted to a lower post. However, his services are called upon again when there’s a threat from the powerful John Harrison who menacingly initiates a catastrophe by destroying USS Enterprise archives in London, following which he hides into enemy territory instigating a war. Who is this one man army and why is he posing such a big threat to the USS? The film tracks the riveting tale that hides many shoved away gritty USS secrets and their former relationship with Harisson!

Star Trek Into Darkness Movie Stills
Star Trek Into Darkness Movie Stills

Star Trek: Into Darkness Review: Script Analysis

The film’s script does flow from its epic tradition which garners most because of its sleek casting. Infusing every element to create a blockbuster, the film rummages a solid power packed action sequences, technical excellence and some shrewd performances. The film’s writers hint at an overt moral dichotomy of right and wrong all along. It is hard to pinpoint what is missing from the venture, but there’s a definite lack of spark which oozed out generously from its last film. The film seethes under the unbearable pressures of proving its worth, and hence their work doesn’t have an independent or effortless quality. The constant urgency to create chaos gets tedious. Yet the script deserves credit for adding sheen to the onscreen chemistry of Spock and Kirk. The film’s impeccable characterization, with their well etched out roles, is what makes it unsurpassable.

Star Trek: Into Darkness Review: Star Performances

The film is ace for the work of British actor Benedict Cumberbatch. Usually, it is expected that you mention the hero before the antagonist. But with the villain commanding such charisma, this man dons the role with ruthless perfection.

Chris Pine still towers in his suave demeanor; casually flouting rules has never looked this irresistible surely. The actor does extremely well and manages to leave quite a good impression.

Spock scores hence again with Vulcan straight faced idealism. He endures through the film brilliantly without giving a single glitch moment to his audiences. His emotional quotient was jerked out in the film’s last part which became the most iconic minutes of the movie.

Simon Pegg deserves a special mention for his acute sense of comedy and correct comic timing. He gives to his character the passion to venture into powerhouse stream.

Star Trek: Into Darkness Review: Direction, Music and Editing

J.J Abram’s work is not invincible but it is the extra helping of entertainment he wraps up on the film that makes him an intelligent director. The film’s screenplay isn’t magical either but borrows from the Star Trek Blue Blooded legacy to nourish itself. Abram ensures this film his stylish technical prowess and marvelous visual treats on screen. The 3D element has been used for greater impact, which turns out to be helpful. The editing could have been more tightly done as the film goes a little overboard with the last part stretching its runtime to a heavy 2 hour 11 minutes space.

Star Trek: Into Darkness Review: The Last Word

Star Trek: Into Darkness is a lurid explosive which is ace for its perilous acting and stirring space action. However the excitement it invokes is familiar and the point it tries to make gets lost amidst a flurry of some breathtaking action. I am going for a 3/5 for this one. Slightly above average, the film borders on typifying Star Trek series with mostly nothing unique to offer.

Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer

Star Trek Into Darkness released on 10th April, 2013.

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