Satrangee Parachute is about a kid, Siddharth Sanghani, who lives in Nainital and runs away from home with his friends. They land in Bombay to buy a parachute. But they are arrested by the police in a terrorist case. What happens thereafter? Read the review for more.

Business rating: 0.5 star

Star cast: Master Siddharth Sanghani, Zakir Hussain, Rupali Ganguly, Jackie Shroff, Kay Kay Menon, Rajpal Yadav, Sanjay Mishra, Liliput.

What’s Good: Nothing really.

What’s Bad: The half-hearted script.

Verdict: Satrangee Parachute is a poor show which will bomb at the box-office.

Loo break: Anytime!


Watch or Not? Decide for yourself!

Wonder Works Films’ Satrangee Parachute is the story of Nainital’s young kid, Rishabh Sharma alias Pappu (Siddhartha Sanghania), who, along with four friends of his, comes to Bombay in search of a parachute. His parents, Chhotulal (Zakir Hussain) and Sumitra (Rupali Ganguly), are worried as hell for him although this is not the first time he has left home without informing them. The parents of the other four kids are angry with Pappu for having run away with their children and they are also worried for their kids.

The five little kids overhear a man (Ashraf-ul-haq) talking about a parachute and they follow him and his three friends to ‘buy’ a parachute. It turns out that the four men are terrorists who are planning an operation involving parachutes.

As luck would have it, the five kids are mistaken to be hand-in-glove with the terrorists and they are arrested. Rhino (Kay Kay Menon) is the investigating officer but when he is unable to get anything out of the kids, his senior (Jackie Shroff) takes over. Are the five kids able to prove their innocence? What happens to the terrorists and their plans? The rest of the film answers these questions.

Story and Screenplay – Satrangee Parachute Review

Pulakesh Bhowmik’s story is too childish to be true. His screenplay is dull and fails to build either excitement or tension. The kids are tight-lipped when Rhino asks them questions but reveal all the moment his senior comes on the scene, without any real effort on his (senior’s) part. Again, the action-filled climax is tame and looks too hurried.

The biggest problem with the script is that nothing about the drama seems believable. Even the track of the police subedar and his dominating wife looks forced and fails to evoke laughter or even a smile because the jokes are so silly. Dialogues (Anupama Mishra) are commonplace.

Star Performances – Satrangee Parachute Review

Master Siddhartha Sanghania is fair. Zakir Hussain does a reasonably good job. Rupali Ganguly is alright. Jackie Shroff gets hardly any scope and is average. Kay Kay Menon does a fair job. Sanjay Mishra doesn’t quite impress because his scenes are quite weird. As his wife (Soma Rathore) fills the bill. Rajpal Yadav has been wasted. Liliput overacts. Baby Rajvi Suchak is alright as Kuhu. As her parents, Sanjay S. Swaaraaj and Minal Kapoor pass muster. Ashraf-ul-haq is so-so as the terrorist leader. Rajvi Patel, Shabnam Sharma, Azaan Shah and the rest lend ordinary support.

Direction, Music and Editing – Satrangee Parachute Review

Vineet Khetrapal’s direction may be okay but his narration would not find takers among the kids or the youth or older generation. Of course, he is handicapped by the weak script. Music (by Kaushik Dutta and Shamir Tandon) is, at best, functional. Rajeev Barnwal and Pinky Poonawala’s lyrics are okay. Soumik Haldar’s camerawork, Kaushik Datta’s background score and Tarun Agasty’s sets are average. Parvez-Feroz’s action scenes are routine. Editing (Sanjib Dutta and Pranav V. Dhiwar) is far from sharp.

The Last Word
On the whole, Satrangee Parachute is a dull show all the way and will go largely unnoticed.





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