Phhir Review – Direction & Music

Girish Dhamija’s direction is efficient. He has kept the pace of the narration fast so that the audience doesn’t get time to think. Music is okay. Satrang sathiya (composed by Toshi Sabri and Sharib Sabri) is a fairly appealing number. The other songs – ‘Yaadein’ (by Toshi-Sharib), Gumsum and Loot (both by Raghav Sachar) are alright. Song picturisations (Raju Khan and Mehul Gadani) could’ve been far better. Raju Rao’s background score is effective. Action scenes, composed by Abbas Ali Moghul, are alright. Pravin Bhatt’s cinematography is very good. The foreign locations look beautiful and lend the film a touch of class. Manish More’s editing is sharp.

Phhir Review – Komal Nahta’s Verdict

On the whole, Phhir may be a well-narrated film but it lacks novelty and will be taken by the audience as based on a script of convenience. It has taken a dull start, thanks to its low-key promotion, which will only make things more difficult.

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